Data centres fighting against cyber attacks

By Rob Williams, Technical Director of Custodian Data Centres
Rob Williams, Technical Director of Custodian Data Centres, outlines how data centres can improve their cybersecurity standards

Cybersecurity remains a serious problem across all industry sectors, and with interconnectedness of IoT, a single attack can cause ripple effects throughout the world.  

According to Kaspersky, the threat of cyberattacks will get worse before it gets better. It is reported that 1.5 billion breaches of IoT devices occurred during the first six months of 2021 alone, almost double from 639 million for all of 2021. 

In the last few years, keeping tabs on the networks coming in and out of a data centre would have been relatively simple. However, with the emergence of new powerful technologies, from 5G wireless networks to AI, the internet will integrate ever more deeply into the fabric of daily life, giving hackers even more opportunities to cause damage.  

Securing the IoT in data centre infrastructure

Ensuring encryption, access controls, authorisation and monitoring are prioritised to handle this ever-changing landscape has therefore never been more important. The cost of a data centre underestimating this threat could result in malicious attempts to steal data, and, in the worst case scenario, force it entirely offline.

With the vast variety and varying standards of networks in place, this means that data centres that don’t place cyber security at the forefront of business priorities are at risk of being compromised at some point down the line. The data centre should be the foundation of cybersecurity, connecting and integrating security services with its customers, to create a holistic ecosystem that enterprises can use to secure every aspect of their business processes. 

This integration also ensures all remote workers have secure tools they can use with absolute confidence, providing 365/24/7 security and expertise from wherever you are, not just on-premise.


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