Edge Centres closes US$5.7mn funding round for US expansion

Edge Centres has announced that it has secured US$5.7mn in its latest seed funding round, a sum which will help drive its edge expansion in America

The funding round comes just before Edge Centres’ launch in Los Angeles in Q4 this year - a step which will launch its US expansion plans. 

The capital will be used to accelerate this rollout even further, with Edge Centres rapid edge data centre expansion plans due to start within the next few months. 

In fact, Edge Centres plans to launch three new locations in Los Angeles, which the company aims to make operational as early as October this year. 

Then, over the next 24 months, Edge Centres aims to launch an additional 19 locations, in order to secure its definitive status as an edge data centre market leader. 

Edge Centres current growth trajectory, and future plans for its edge data centre services

Since America stands - by no small margin - as the world’s largest data centre market, this is an opportunistic next step for the company. 

Already, the company has achieved an exceptional pace of growth in the Australian and Asian markets. Having launched its first Grafton site just 15 months ago, its Australian market is now nine sites strong. And, in just six months, Edge Centres has added another three Asian locations to its portfolio. 

“I’m so proud of the team we’ve built to take Edge Asia to the next level. Having the right people in place — people with vision, people you can trust — is so completely crucial when the time comes to look at what’s next. So, what’s next?”, commented Jonathan Eaves, the Founder and CEO of Edge Centres. 

“The USA represents a challenge and an opportunity unlike anything we’ve tackled before. It’s ambitious and exciting, and it’s going to be a lot of very hard work. But, if the last six months have taught me anything, it’s that Edge Centres has something really unique to offer, and that with the right people on board we can bring something new and exciting to the world’s most mature data centre market”.


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