Empyrion and Sejong Telecom announce new partnership

The two Asian connectivity leaders Empyrion and Sejong Telecom have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, solidifying their partnership

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) confirms that Sejong will establish its national network hub in Empyrion’s upcoming Gangnam Data Centre. 

The details of Empyrion and Sejong Telecom’s connectivity partnership 

Empyrion DC, a green data centre developer and operator focused on the Asian market, announced the signing of a MoU with Sejong Telecom, South Korea’s leading provider of technology, communications, information products and services. 

The MoU solidifies the arrangement between the two companies. Sejong plans to establish its national network hub in Empyrion’s upcoming Gangnam Data Centre. 

Alongside this, the customers of this new data centre site will also be able to utilise Sejong’s core network services, including IP transit and dark fibre, as part of their broader digitisation efforts. 

Empyrion’s data centre development plans 

The Gangnam Data Centre is the first new site to be constructed in metro Seoul’s Gangnam district in the last decade. 

The facility is intended to help alleviate the shortage in data centre capacity in the city. 

These plans come at a pivotal time for Seoul, as the Korean data centre market is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 6.7%, to reach a USD$6.4bn value by 2027. 

“South Korea is well regarded for its high internet penetration rate and fast fibre networks domestically and internationally with strong cloud, content and gaming communities already established and continuing to grow at a fast pace,” commented Mark Fong, CEO of Empyrion.  

“This partnership with Sejong Telecom will cater to the ever-increasing demands on network performance and capacity and ensure that our Gangnam DC customers have access to the robust network services they need on their digitalisation journeys.” 

“Digital transformation including not only data collection and operation but also new ICT strategies is mainly focused on by all companies. Customer-oriented Data Centre and Communication environment will be needed in order to respond quickly to changes in customers and survive in competition with domestic and foreign operators. This partnership with Empyrion will give worldwide seamless connectivity to the customers,” added Kiyoon Yoo, CEO of Sejong Telecom.


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