ExcelRedstone, Kedington and LOAD unite under new brand

ONNEC has been launched as the new global brand name for ExcelRedstone, Kedington and LOAD Services. The launch is designed to drive further global growth

ExcelRedstone, Kedington and LOAD Services have now joined forces, under one new brand: ONNEC

Through their new brand launch, these three industry giants will be able to bring together 30 years of experience, and a team of 800+ industry experts. 

Under this united brand, the company can establish stronger connections with customers across the globe, and offer a full portfolio of end-to-end connectivity services. 

ONNEC’s growth strategy and digital transformation plans

“Today is a very exciting and momentous milestone for the company, as uniting our entities enables us to connect skills and experiences from across the business,” says Barry Horgan, CEO. 

“This re-enforces our ability to design, deploy and deliver large-scale projects for organisations and truly show the value of everything we do.”

“At Onnec, we passionately believe that connecting as a single, global brand with a strong united message will enable our business to go from strength to strength, now and in the future. With projects across 14 entities and 40 countries, it’s more important than ever that the work we do translates across the globe. Bringing entities and geographies under a single name will allow us to meet our clients’ expectations for an enriched, consistent service.”


From its London base, ONNEC offers an end-to-end business connectivity service. 

This encompasses everything from structured cabling, managed services and networking, to connected devices and insights.

It works with clients across the world, providing IT Infrastructure and connectivity solutions for Data Centre, Office, Fulfilment Centre and Retail environments.


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