Kehua’s liquid cooling technology at China university’s lab

By Dora Jiang, Marketing Specialist, Kehua
Kehua Marketing Specialist Dora Jiang discusses liquid cooling positives as it supports one of China’s most prestigious universities’ new data centre

With the booming digital economy, the pace of new construction and expansion of data centres is gradually accelerating, and traditional air cooling technology has been difficult to meet the requirements of data centres for low energy consumption. Liquid cooling technology not only can meet the needs of data centres with high density and low energy consumption, but also can greatly improve the stability, efficiency and service life of servers. Furthermore, it can increase the density of a single cabinet by more than 10 times compared to air cooling, and save more than 70% energy, which is well recognised in the data centre industry.

As a leading data centre service provider in the industry, Kehua has been actively promoting the development of data centre liquid cooling technology industry, increasing R&D investment and continuous innovation, solving the problems of high energy consumption and low efficiency of traditional cooling methods, and meet the demand for liquid cooling deployment in various data centre scenarios.

Urgent needs: high performance and low energy consumption

The Tan Kan Kee Innovation Laboratory at Xiamen University, one of China’s most prestigious universities, plays a significant role in gathering innovative resources and contributing to the innovative strategy in the field of energy materials.

With the high growth in demand for scientific computing in the fields of energy, materials, and semiconductors, the lab is in urgent need of building a high-performance, low-energy data centre. 

After preliminary analysis, the floating point arithmetic power of the supercomputing centre needs to reach at least 1150 trillion times/second to meet future R&D and application requirements. This means that the arithmetic power is increased and the heat dissipation capability must also meet higher requirements.

To face up to the challenge, Kehua provides WiseMDC Series Intelligent liquid cooling data centre solution for the laboratory.

Intelligent application: cold plate liquid cooling technology

To meet the demand of high computing power, the solution breaks through the use of cold plate liquid cooling technology, air liquid synergistic cooling to meet the demand of high density heat dissipation. The single cabinet power density can be up to 50kW, and the PUE can be less than 1.2.

The power components of the cooling system are all controlled by frequency conversion, which can achieve maximum energy saving operation according to the load and outdoor environment.

The solution adopts the design concept of dual redundancy at product level and device level, and adopts Kehua 400kW liquid cooled CDU. Dual CDU and dual pumps monitor multi-dimensional parameters such as temperature, pressure to achieve precise control and healthy management, ensuring high safety and reliability of system operation.

Dual CDU and dual pumps monitor multi-dimensional parameters. Credit: Kehua

In order to reduce the reliance on manual operation and maintenance in the Smart Computing Center, in this solution, the whole chain of liquid cooling systems can be dynamically adjusted to achieve precise control on demand. At the same time, the system can be remotely and centrally monitored, with real-time dynamic monitoring display and fault warning.

The system can be remotely and centrally monitored, with real-time dynamic monitoring display and fault warning. Credit: Kehua

Future expectations: Preparing for expansion to help industrialisation development

At present, the Jiageng Lab has been put into use, and the performance of the system in terms of computational density and O&M has far exceeded the project's expectations. In this program, the Smart Computing Center is highly extensible, leaving operational space for future expansion.

This solution is an important exploration and practice of Kehua in the liquid cooling data centre. In the future, Kehua will make continuous innovation and breakthroughs in the field of liquid-cooling technology, create more efficient and energy-saving liquid cooling products, accelerate the data centre into a new era of liquid cooling, and explore a green and low carbon data centre innovation development path.

Disclosure: This article is an advertorial and monetary payment was received from Kehua. It has gone through editorial control and passed the assessment for being informative.


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