Oracle announces launch of new EU sovereign cloud regions

Oracle has announced that it will be launching several new sovereign cloud regions in Spain and Germany, which will be separate to its existing OCI regions

In 2023, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) will be launching several new sovereign cloud regions within the European Union.

The first two EU sovereign cloud regions to be launched will be located in Spain and Germany. And, once established, these regions will be made completely separate from any existing public OCI Regions in the area.

Oracle’s new sovereign cloud regions, and their potential for regional businesses

“These new sovereign cloud regions will operate under a comprehensive set of policies and governance that further enhance OCI’s existing capabilities for data residency, security, privacy, and compliance,” commented Scott Twaddle, VP OCI Product, Industries, and Partners.

“These additional policies will establish a framework for data and operational sovereignty, including how customer data is stored and accessed, and how government requests for data are handled.”

The sovereign cloud regions will be available for use by both private and public organisations. 

These cloud regions will be an invaluable asset to EU businesses, providing an easy solution to the secure hosting of sensitive data and applications. 

Furthermore, the sovereign regions will offer the same services as those of traditional OCI regions, as well as those offered by the European Union Restricted Access (EURA) application services, at the same price point as the current services in place.

Oracle already has regions established in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, and Germany, alongside an additional Spanish region, which is currently in development.


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