PlanetWatchers raises $11mn for new data initiatives

The crop monitoring company PlanetWatchers has raised $11mn in funding to drive its expansion plans and invest in industry-leading SAR-based data analytics

PlanetWatchers, a global technology specialising in pioneering crop monitoring technologies, has raised $11mn as part of its series A funding round. 

The funding will fuel the company’s ambitious growth plans, into more advanced SAR-based data analytics.

PlanetWatchers’ latest funding round and data analytics advancements 

PlanetWatchers​​​​​​​ provides its users with detailed crop insights. The technology company uses machine learning to support crop insurers and the agricultural industry. 

Amongst its services, PlanetWatchers uses Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data to provide accurate insight at scale, including in-season insights that support the operation of the industry.

With this funding, the company will continue to invest in its industry-leading SAR-based data analytics, alongside the expansion of its commercial teams to help address the increasing market demand and give its clients data-driven solutions to global food security issues.

The Series A fund round was co-led by Seraphim Space Investment Trust plc and Creative Ventures. 

“I’m delighted that PlanetWatchers can now take the next steps on our ambitious journey to tell the story of every field,” commented Dominic Edmunds, Chief Executive for PlanetWatchers. 

“We are thrilled to have the support of both Seraphim and Creative as co-leads and the other investors in the round. We look forward to expanding our market-leading technology and our commercial footprint together.”

“PlanetWatchers have achieved an awful lot over the past year, and I am proud of the entire team at the company. They have established themselves as a great partner to major companies that are vital in ensuring today’s global food supply chains, namely crop insurers and agricultural companies,” added Andre Ronsoehr, Principal at Seraphim Space. 

“The team’s capabilities in analysing synthetic aperture radar (“SAR”) data and giving customers actionable insights are second to none, and we are very happy to back them in fulfilling their full potential.”


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