Schneider Electric Director to speak at Data Centre LIVE

Working towards the New Electric World, Steven Brown, Segment Director of Schneider Electric, is taking to the Data Centre LIVE Virtual stage this May

Passionate about building great teams whilst in pursuit of turning the New Electric World into a reality, Global Segment Director for Schneider Electric Steven Brown is working towards a digital, decarbonised world. With more than a decade of experience working with data centre technology and design, he leads global strategy and manages colocation data centres.

Brown holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from Boston University. Prior to his current role with Schneider Electric, he led a global team of product managers responsible for EcoStruxure IT monitoring and management software. He now works as the segment director for Schneider Electric, beginning his career with the company nearly 10 years ago as a systems design engineer, before rising the ranks to product management. He has existed in his current role since 2021 and closely aligns himself with the company values of global access, inclusive partnerships and building safe and reliable products for homes, buildings, data centres, infrastructure and industries.

Schneider Electric is working towards the digital transformation of Energy Management and Automaton, believing that access to energy and digital is a basic human right. They work to deploy sustainable energy solutions and support local skills development. Currently, they are working to bring access to energy for 45,000 primary school pupils across Kenya, in addition to West African countries such as Nigeria. Data centre companies like Schneider demonstrate that it is possible to improve sustainable performance within the industry, but also set itself apart from other industries.

See their work on a Leeds Smart Factory here:

In 2021, it was awarded the prestigious title of the most sustainable company in the world. Alongside its deployment of green energy, these titles help represent the extensive sustainability work that Schneider does across its client base. In addition, the company is aiming to provide 50 million people with access to green electricity by 2025, as well as working on smart factories. Most recently, Stellium Datacentres has chosen Schneider Electric’s Galaxy VM UPS with lithium-ion batteries to power its growing network of UK data centre sites.

Steven Brown’s work with Schneider Electric is cutting edge and aims to bring sustainability and progress for all. The company also has a blog where employees write about current ongoings or work that they are working towards. Brown’s latest piece is on the next evolution in colocation capacity management and discusses some reasons as to why colocation operators should consider DCIM to improve capacity planning, simplify multi-site operations, and streamline reporting and billing requirements. It is clear that his knowledge of data centres and optimisation is truly significant to the future of the industry.

Data Centre LIVE London is a virtual conference, taking place on the 17th of May 2023. Taking to the virtual stage, some of the world’s leaders in data centre technologies, security and sustainability will share their insights, in exclusive keynote speeches and dynamic fireside discussions.

We are thrilled to have Steven Brown take to the stage to discuss developments in the data centre industry. He will be joined by Susanna Kass, Nina Jane Petal, David Watkins, and many more esteemed speakers from across the industry.

This exclusive 1-day event is not to be missed, and will be live streamed to a global audience from 10:25am - 2pm BST.

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