Top 10 data centre associations and their key drivers

The organisations often play a vital role in promoting collaboration, sustainability and professionalism
The world's leading data centre associations support the data centre industry and its stakeholders, representing their interest and concerns

At Data Centre Magazine, we spend a lot of time sharing news from leading data centre companies around the world. But behind a lot of them are hard-working data centre associations which bring together professionals, companies, and experts involved in the design, construction, operation and management of the state-of-the-art facilities.

The organisations often play a vital role in promoting collaboration, sustainability and professionalism as well as advancing industry practices and addressing challenges faced in the industry, including the likes of energy efficiency, cybersecurity and emerging technologies. 

Here’s our list of the top associations and their key drivers - those providing a platform for advocacy and innovation.


For more than 40 years, AFCOM has worked to educate, connect and lift its members and help them navigate and meet the demands of an ever-changing and demanding industry. The association aids the advancement of the careers of IT and data centre professionals through research by Data Center Institute, digital publications, local chapters, custom research, webinars, interactive tools and major events like Data Center World. AFCOM has thousands of members who are united by the desire to learn, interact, collaborate, and lead.

7x24 Exchange International

Founded in 1989, not-for-profit 7x24 Exchange International provides an educational forum focusing on challenges faced by mission critical industry professionals, and facilitating a knowledge exchange for those who design, build, operate and maintain the facilities. Since its inception it has grown to more than 375 member companies and 27 chapters. The organisation provides conferences enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing among industry professionals and is committed to addressing the challenges of energy efficiency and sustainability and giving back through its social responsibility initiative.

Swedish Data Centre Industry Association (SDIA)

SDIA represents member companies and organisations that operate in the data centre sector in Sweden, with a network of end-users, consultants, suppliers vendors, investors, and research institutes as members. It encourages members - both existing and future - to be interested and excited by the industry in a bid to influence and grow the data centre world - and as economically and environmentally as possible.

Data Centre Alliance (DCA)

The not-for-profit UK trade association is composed of leaders and experts from across the data centre sector and representing their interests.

As well as driving awareness of the data centre industry and promoting the development and harmonisation of data centre standards, the DCA leads the industry’s research and development agenda and addresses the data centre sector’s skills gap. It also engages collaboration with the industry’s stakeholders and works on programmes to improve environmental sustainability while widening participation to both new and growing markets.

Norsk Datasenter Industri/Norwegian Data Center Industry 

Norsk Datasenterindustri is a neutral business association and the voice of the industry towards the market and public authorities with the aim to maintain stability in the regulatory landscape and facilitate ease of doing business for the industry. Its voice is heard by lawmakers and regulatory authorities and the organisation represents the complete ecosystem around the Norwegian data centre industry. The body attends events and conferences both in Norway and overseas to emphasise the benefits and advantages of Norway as a favourable location for data centres.

The European Data Centre Association (EUDCA)

Registered under Belgian Royal Charter aims to provide a platform for its members - operators, suppliers and organisations - at both commercial and political levels. With a belief in strength through collaboration, EUDCA activities are aimed at increasing awareness of the sector and issues affecting the industry both in and outside of Europe. Established in 2011, the organisation is run by its members, for its members and maintains a strict member base ratio of 70 operators to 30 vendors and manufacturers in order to ensure that its policies and initiatives are always operator-focused. 


techUK is a membership organisation that realises the positive outcomes of what digital technology can achieve. Its award-winning programme provides a collective voice for UK operators and works with government to improve the business environment for our members. techUK has saved UK operators over £150m (US$188.7m) , alerted them to business risks, mitigated regulatory impacts and raised awareness. Recently, techUK has put forward a UK Tech Plan for help guide the next UK government on how it can use tech to build a new Britain.

The Dutch Data Center Association (DDA) 

The Dutch Data Center Association connects the market-leading data centres in the Netherlands to strengthen economic growth of the industry and drive awareness in Dutch society. The DDA, which calls the data centre industry the bedrock of the Dutch economy, unites leading data centre professionals in a common mission to strengthen the economic growth and awareness of the data centre sector across three main focus areas: energy and sustainability, education and employment and digital economy and mainport.

German Datacenter Association (GDA)

The GDA represents its members on relevant committees on legislation, regulations, rules, standards and political issues and seeks to improve the way the sector is perceived by society and the political class through sector-specific events and active public relations. It strives to play an active role in developing standards and rules related to data centre design, as well as initiate and carry out research projects on data centres. The GDA’s declared aim is to make German locations more attractive for investment, improve the general conditions for operating data centres on a permanent basis, boost growth and enhance the way the sector is perceived.

Finnish Data Center Association (FDCA)

Comprised of 10 key founder companies and more than 90 companies as members, FDCA was founded in 2014 in Helsinki. The independent not-for-profit association provides the ecosystem for cloud and data centre businesses in Finland and organises various events for its members and other stakeholders. FDCA’s main goal is to create the right atmosphere for companies to seize the business opportunities and to communicate across company borders - whether through casual networking events and training seminars or other events.


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