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Katy Allan

Editor | AI & Data Centre Magazine

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New Editor of AI & Data Centre Magazine.

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The Edge of Innovation and Digital Transformation

Edge Data Centres Have Emerged as a Game-Changer in the Field of Data Processing, Offering a Major Shift in How Data is Handled and Utilised

Harnessing Innovation for a More Sustainable Future

The Time for Action on Climate Change is Now. Therefore, It is Essential for All Industries to Step Up and Take Ownership Surrounding Global Emissions

Optimising Robust Data Centre Strategies For 2024

The Foundation of a Successful Data Centre Strategy Lies in its Infrastructure, Encompassing Both Physical and IT Components


RES, AI, and Data Centres in 2024 with Schneider Electric

Data Centre Magazine Speaks With Steven Carlini of Schneider Electric, who Shares his Predictions on new Trends That are set to Impact the Industry in 2024

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Charles Ferland

VP and General Manager of Edge Computing & Telecom at Lenovo

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Top 10: Risk management best practices

To kickstart the new year, Data Centre Magazine explores some of the most successful risk management practices that companies are being encouraged to take

Top 10: Edge computing companies and solutions

Data Centre Magazine takes a look at some of the most successful edge computing companies that stand out for their innovations and unwavering dedication