Huawei Cloud Strengthens Transformative Presence in LATAM

Huawei Cloud Strengthens Transformative Presence in LATAM

With More Than 25 years of Experience in Latin America, Huawei has Strengthened its Presence and Partnerships to Help Deliver Digital Transformation

Huawei celebrated 25 years in Latin America with a series of events in countries across the continent and by welcoming key partners to China.

Since opening an office in Brazil in 1998, Huawei sees Latin America as a region of increasing importance. Its cloud business now boasts more than 1,400 partners across multiple LATAM nations with whom Huawei works to promote and enable digital transformation.

The appetite for cloud services has grown globally, and LATAM is proving particularly open and embracing of the opportunities that cloud technology can deliver. This is where Huawei Cloud is playing a role.

In 2022, the number of Huawei Cloud users in Latin America more than doubled, and the number of partners increased by more than 90% year on year. 

Digitalisation in Latin America was accelerated in recent years with some markets standing out as front runners such as – Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina. 

According to Statista, with internet penetration and smartphone ownership averaging 77%, more people in those markets increasingly prefer online shopping and other digital activities. Set against this backdrop, the development of a robust digital infrastructure will be important for Latin America’s ongoing economic development. 

Crucial to that infrastructure are data centres, and Huawei Cloud plans to have by the end of 2023 11 Availability Zones (AZs) in Latin America, with three new ones in Brazil, Mexico, and Chile. This total makes Huawei Cloud the vendor with the largest number of nodes in Latin America. 

This means that Huawei Cloud is in prime position to help Latin American organisations realise their digital ambitions.

Sectors that are benefiting from cloud in LATAM include e-commerce, finance, fintech, media, logistics, education, government, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

The significant growth that Huawei Cloud has enjoyed in the region can be put down to several factors, but one of the most important is the deep understanding of the local digital environment. This allows Huawei Cloud to share relevant, real-world experiences with its partners, and an understanding of their challenges and the best solutions available.

Huawei Cloud committed to LATAM

Huawei Cloud also has solid foundations in Latin America, backed by Huawei’s proven commitment to the region for more than a quarter of a century. Not only that, but Huawei’s 30 years of global ICT experience means it is perfectly placed to marry that international expertise with deep understanding of the local market.

Huawei’s commitment to the region and to developing Cloud Services in the region, was celebrated and made stronger at a series of events held in China and key Latin American markets.

Huawei Cloud hosted the Latin America Compass event in 2023, highlighting the importance of the region to the company. It also announced its “In Latin America for Latin America” overall expansion strategy.

The event gathered industry, business, and technology leaders to demonstrate best practices and share the latest technologies and innovations in discussions with customers and partners. 

This was the first opportunity to hear Huawei Cloud’s cloud native strategy for Latin America, and the company used this as a platform to announce five new solutions targeted at the e-commerce, media and entertainment, fintech, online education, and finance industries to support them in their digital transformation processes.

“Latin America is transforming towards digitalisation,” said Huawei's president for the continent, Daniel Zhou, during the event. He added Huawei is seen as a reliable leader in the cloud sector.

Cloud Native 2.0

As part of the Compass event, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and Huawei Cloud hosted the Huawei Cloud Elite Club – Latin America Chapter to discuss cloud native development, with decision makers from the internet, finance and logistics industries in attendance. 

Huawei Cloud proposed Cloud Native 2.0 – a system for all industries and all scenarios so every enterprise can become cloud native.

Huawei itself is a typical example of transforming from a traditional enterprise to a cloud-native enterprise – illustrated by its MetaERP system. In 2019, Huawei decided to develop a completely self-controlled MetaERP system to replace the old ERP system. This was the most extensive and complex transformation project Huawei has undertaken. 

Huawei invested significant resources and assigned several thousand people to this project, while also working with industry and ecosystem partners to overcome related challenges. This cloud-native MetaERP system has gone live, replacing the old ERP system, and now handles 100% of Huawei's business scenarios – while ensuring zero faults, zero delays, and zero accounting adjustments.

Cloud native is not only a technology, but also an advanced way of thinking. Driven by agile and innovative business requirements, enterprises' operation models, organisational structures, and innovation methods are bound to undergo profound changes. 

All-digital, all-cloud, AI-driven, and Everything-as-a-Service are core elements of cloud-native thinking. 

Huawei believes that in the cloud native world, all devices, terminals, and sensors will be connected and digital, and all infrastructure and applications will be cloud-based.

Huawei Cloud continues to practice its Everything-as-a-Service strategy, using cloud-native, full-stack technologies to serve more than four million customers and developers worldwide.

Huawei Cloud – In Latin America, for Latin America

The success of the Compass event was followed towards the end of 2023 with a Latin America series of Summits that saw Huawei Cloud senior executives share the latest updates and solutions with partners in Brazil, Chile, Peru and Mexico.

Building on the stated strategy ‘In Latin America, for Latin America’, Huawei cemented its commitment to each country and latest achievements in cloud native, AI, data governance, databases, and digital content production.

These included Pangu Models 3.0 – leveraging AI for a wide range of industries including finance, manufacturing, mining, meteorology, and railway.

Huawei Cloud also delivers DataArts, a one-stop data governance pipeline to convert huge volumes of distorted data into high-quality data for better decision-making. 

GaussDB, an ultra-distributed, ultra-scalable cloud database has been widely applied in sectors like banking, insurance, securities, and energy.

MetaStudio is Huawei Cloud's one-stop digital content production pipeline. Utilising the Pangu virtual human model, MetaStudio can produce virtual humans in just three minutes.

Huawei Cloud combines software development pipeline CodeArts with the Pangu R&D

model to build CodeArts Snap – an intelligent programming assistant for developers.

In terms of security, SecMaster is a well-rounded security defence system that can help enterprises with systematic construction and constant operations.

Huawei Cloud not only offers advanced technologies and industry practices, but also establishes a comprehensive customer service system. 

With 900 ecosystem partner services, Huawei aims to provide intelligent, end-to-end, and full-lifecycle services on the cloud, making it easier for customers to migrate to the cloud and continuously innovate their services.

Building on Brazil success

As part of Huawei’s aim to provide ‘A Better Cloud for Digital Brazil’, Derrick Sun, CEO of Huawei Brazil, shared some success stories from Huawei Cloud accelerating digital transformation for customers.

MV Sistemas, the largest medical information company in Brazil, which seamlessly migrated its data from on-premises databases to GaussDB to efficiently process and analyse complex data at scale. This migration has allowed them to intelligently manage their data while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

In the e-commerce and logistics sectors, Neogrid uses more than 60 Huawei Cloud services to replace those of peer vendors, such as big data, database, and serverless services, reducing costs by more than 20%.

Supporting Chile’s Digital Infrastructure

Customers in Chile are also benefiting from Huawei Cloud’s expertise – in government, retail, energy, carrier, and education sectors. 

Eduardo Hernandez Cansino, CTO of Huawei Cloud Latin America, shared how Chilean food retail giant SMU built their own e-commerce platform leveraging Huawei’s cloud native technologies, to better serve their 10 million customers.

Chile’s online Zapping TV platform partnered with Huawei Cloud to deliver ultra-low latency and stable streaming at lower prices during the 2022 World Cup.

Teleperformance, the world’s second largest provider of outsourcing customer relationship management and call centre service, adopted Huawei Cloud Workspace to elevate their service quality and bolster information security in Chile.

Huawei Cloud also facilitates the construction of e-government clouds and unifies resource construction, application development, and data management for multiple Chilean government organisations.

Huawei Cloud powering Peru

Li Ziyu, President of Huawei Cloud Peru, shared insights on six industry-specific solutions, covering online education, smart finance, digital government, carrier, smart electricity, and smart mining, which all aim to expedite the digital transformation journey of Peruvian enterprises.

In the education sector, Huawei Cloud has applied digital technologies such as AI, big data, and cyber security to help César Vallejo University, Peru's largest university, deploy their learning management system (LMS). This has doubled the access to online teaching and reduced LMS operational costs by 25%, significantly enhancing education quality for 180,000 students.

In the financial sector, AFP Integra, a subsidiary of Peruvian financial services multinational SURA, leveraged Huawei Cloud's Cloud Container Engine (CCE) and Web Application Firewall (WAF) to address user experience issues caused by high latency during peak hours.

Making a difference in Mexico

In Mexico, more than 300 customers have chosen Huawei Cloud, covering finance, media, government, and carrier services.

For digital banking, Huawei Cloud provides a financial cloud native foundation featuring high performance, elastic resources, agile services, and high compliance and reliability. Huawei Cloud enables real-time transactions and promotes the development of mobile payment and consumer finance – working with leading fintech company Libertad in Mexico.

Huawei Cloud has served more than 10 government customers in Mexico, providing products and services powered by cloud native and data-AI convergence to build digital and intelligent government services.

With its innovative technologies, industry expertise, and customer-centric services, it is clear that Huawei Cloud continues to empower Latin American customers to better go, use, and manage the cloud.

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