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Deutsche Telekom

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  • HQ Location: Bonn, Germany
  • No. of Employees: 200,000 + 
  • CEO: Timotheus Höttges
  • Website URL:
  • Revenue: €114.4 billion EUR
  • Keywords & Services: Telecommunications, Mobile services, Fixed-line services, Broadband Internet, IT Services, Networking solutions, Digital television

Deutsche Telekom AG, also known as just Telekom, DTAG or DT, dominates as the largest telecommunications provider in Europe by revenue. Stemming from its origins in 1995 as privatised entity Deutsche Bundespost, the company has consistently featured among Fortune Magazine's top Global 500 companies by revenue. With its wide-spanning influence across various countries, the firm operates numerous subsidiaries worldwide, with T-Mobile being a renowned mobile communications brand under its umbrella. Today, the firm stands as the world's fifth-largest telecommunications company by revenue.


The breadth of Deutsche Telekom's success and market share is intrinsically tied to the German government, which as of April 2020, holds a 14.5% direct stake in company stock and a further 17.4% via the government bank, KfW. A pioneer till today, Deutsche Telekom was notably the monopoly Internet service provider for Germany till 1995 and continues to exercise significant influence over internet access for individuals and small businesses. Among its milestones, the company became the first official partner of the FIFA World Cup in 2001.


Over the years, Deutsche Telekom has evolved its structure to adapt, innovate and broaden its services. T-Online was separated from Deutsche Telekom and merged with T-Com in 2008 to form a new unit, T-Home. In 2010, the firm merged T-Mobile with T-Home to form Telekom Deutschland GmbH, a unit for products and services aimed at private customers. Following its consistent expansion, Deutsche Telekom has daringly ventured into advanced technologies, notably blockchain, with its subsidiary T-Systems Multimedia Solutions providing infrastructure for the Ethereum Network in 2022. The telecommunications giant continues to evolve, persistently expanding its services within the global market.

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