Aligned Data Centers Commits to New Liquid Cooling Solution

Aligned Data Center’s DeltaFlow~ Extends the Company’s Existing ExpandOnDemand Capabilities
Data Centre Firm, Aligned Data Centers, Launches a New Liquid Cooling Solution that aims to Support High-Density Compute Requirements and Supercomputers

Aligned Data Centers has announced an industry-first universal liquid cooling platform designed for next-generation computing applications.

Called DeltaFlow~, the new platform is described as a turnkey solution that aims to support current and future liquid cooling technologies. Its capabilities include direct-to-chip, rear-door heat exchangers and immersion cooling.

The company has been announcing plenty of new innovations recently, with its new hyperscale developments offering the promise of connectivity growth via its data centres. It is the first company to offer a data centre delivery model based on securing and expanding capacity as needed, so that customers could pay only for the power they used. 

Integrating with existing data centre systems

Aligned Data Centers has stated that the new DeltaFlow~ system integrates with Aligned’s air-cooled Delta³ technology. This means that no changes in power delivery or existing data hall temperatures are required. 

This type of liquid cooling technology is also designed to support high-density compute requirements, in addition to supercomputers, which can cool densities up to 300kW per rack.

The patent-pending solution aims to support high-density compute requirements of next-generation applications and high-performance computing (HPC). This includes artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and supercomputers. 

Data centres are experiencing a period of huge digital transformation that is irreversibly impacting the sector, as a result of new technologies. With intensified customer demand for AI and ML capabilities, in addition to a need for greater sustainability, industry leaders are having to push the boundaries of their innovations in order to meet demand.

Aligned Data Center’s DeltaFlow~ extends the company’s existing ExpandOnDemand capabilities and offers customers the flexibility to seamlessly pivot and scale to support shifting computing environments. This is regardless of their applications, density requirements, or cooling solutions.

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Setting an industry standard in liquid cooling

Liquid cooling is a current data centre trend that plenty of businesses are keen to capitalise on, not least to make their operations more energy efficient. The solution has emerged as efficient in dissipating heat from IT equipment, regardless of the setting.

Given the energy crisis and environmental pressures to be more efficient, liquid cooling is seemingly continuing to emerge as a new solution for the modern data centre.

“Our universal liquid cooling platform allows customers to maximise advancements in chipset technology and realise the benefits of graphics processing units (GPUs) across a wide range of computing applications, while mitigating time-to-market, cost and risk,” says Andrew Schaap, CEO of Aligned Data Centers.

The company also stated on LinkedIn: “Aligned has made it simple for customers to transition from air-cooled to liquid-cooled systems or deploy hybrid cooling systems combining both air and liquid in the same data hall, eliminating the need to construct new AI-dedicated build-to-suit data centres or completely retrofit and retool existing facilities.”

Other leading data centre companies have been quick to introduce high-density liquid cooling solutions, including Digital Realty and Equinix. Global liquid cooling leader LiquidStack also unveiled a new single-phase liquid cooling solution in November 2023, designed to be both efficient and sustainable. 


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