Nov 19, 2020

Aligned launches new energy-efficient cooling system

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Joanna England
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The new Delta3 system provides sustainable, adaptable, built-to-scale cooling solutions
The new Delta3 system provides sustainable, adaptable, built-to-scale cooling solutions...

Texas-based infrastructure technology company Aligned has launched a new data centre cooling solution.

Aligned’s new patented Delta3 cooling system can run using just 20% of the energy usually required to power a data centre cooling system. It also outperforms current generation technology with 25% additional cooling capacity.

The drive towards greater sustainability in the data industry has been fuelled by the heavy demands cooling systems place on energy consumption. Approximately 40 to 55% of the power needed to run a data centre, is allocated to cooling systems, which are required to maintain average temperatures around the heat-generating computer servers.

Aligned says the new cooling system uses 85% less water than standard coolers, to improve power usage effectiveness (PUE), reduce environmental impact and lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for customers. 

The Delta3 enables users to “Expand on Demand, incrementally scaling in place up to 50 kW per rack without stranding capacity, which also improves sustainability.”

Advocates of the technology say Aligned’s Delta3 cooling system delivers efficiency at any load and in any climate, regardless of location.

Recent sustainable projects carried out by Aligned include a $1bn senior secured credit facility that is the first US data centre sustainability-linked financing. The company is also committed to reducing its annual energy consumption to zero-carbon renewable energy by 2024.

Aligned’s CEO, Andrew Schaap, described the innovation as a breakthrough that would further support customers. He said, “Aligned has always been laser-focused on solving our customers’ capacity management challenges through continuous improvements and innovation in adaptive data centre design, including our efficient cooling and our advanced, standardised supply chain methodology that accelerates and streamlines delivery.”

Schapp added, “The technological improvements we’ve made on our patented Delta3 cooling system are game-changers, enabling even greater vertical densification and more efficient use of space and infrastructure to support our customers’ on-demand capacity growth.”

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Jun 15, 2021

Sustainability and PUE reduction in data centres

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As green data centre design becomes mission critical, rigid evaporative media can be the key to reducing your PUE and increasing your sustainability. 

The data centre industry is at a crossroads. As demand for colocation, hyperscale cloud, and edge solutions continues to rise, operators and enterprises are also facing up to the reality that sustainable design and operating practice are a mission critical component of the modern data centre. Going green is no longer an optional extra.

Data centres are becoming an increasingly critical foundation that underpins the modern world, and the demand for them continues to grow exponentially each year. Data centres must remain in constant operation in order to provide the services for which customers depend on them. 

This mission critical need, combined with the sector-wide push towards reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint throughout the industry, is making the search for innovative evaporative media solutions that keep systems running at peak efficiency an equally mission critical priority.

The two main sources of energy consumption in a modern data centre are its IT equipment and the cooling infrastructure used to keep that equipment cool. A 2017 study found that energy consumption as the direct result of cooling data centre IT equipment can amount to over 40% of the total energy consumption in a facility. From air cooling to liquid and evaporative chillers, data centre operators, finding the right cooling solution for your facility is a top-of-mind goal for any data centre operator. 

Courtesy of Portacool
Courtesy of Portacool

Portacool: keeping it Kuul 

Based in Center, Texas, Portacool is a portable evaporative cooling solutions firm that has been pushing the boundaries of mission critical infrastructure cooling technology since it entered the market in 1990. 

Through constant embodiment of its five brand pillars - Safety & Liability, Total Cost of Ownership, Productivity & Performance, Sustainability & Social Responsibility, and Life & Comfort Enhancing Solutions - Portacool has grown steadily over the past 30 years, continually reinforcing its reputation for industry-leading cooling solutions. 

Portacool’s solutions have been successfully applied throughout the agricultural and horticultural, manufacturing, industrial, business, entertainment, sports, home, and hobby industries - “anywhere cooling is needed and traditional air conditioning is impractical or cost prohibitive.” 

The company’s sub-brand, Kuul, is Portacool’s answer to the growing need for reliable, sustainable cooling solutions in the data centre sector. Portacool manufactures three series of evaporative media – Kuul Control, Kuul Vitality and Kuul Comfort. Kuul Control is used in data centres, power generation and HVAC systems. Kuul Vitality is utilised primarily in the horticulture, poultry and swine industries. Kuul Comfort is exclusively made for usage in Portacool-branded portable evaporative coolers.

Kuul can help data centre operators lower their PUE dramatically, increasing the environmental sustainability of their facilities significantly as a result of its rigid evaporative media solutions. 

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