50 new HPC EdgePods announced for the UK in 2023

Sonic Edge’s partnership with Deep Green ensures the data centres will be powered by low cost, carbon free energy sources reducing the environmental impact

A leading provider of modular and prefabricated edge data centres has announced that it is launching 50 new HPC EdgePods at locations across the UK this year.

Sonic Edge has partnered with Deep Green to offer customers extremely low power costs for High Capacity Computing using the benefits of immersion cooling technology. The HPC EdgePod data centres will be strategically located across the UK ranging from 50kW to 2MW providing customers with low-latency access to high-performance computing resources.

Sonic Edge launched Sonic EdgePods as Micro Data Centres (MDCs) in 2021, designed to meet storage and service needs for edge and on-premise locations. It then launched the Edge Pod micro data centre in partnership with Submer, a leading provider of immersion cooling solutions.

‘Our data centres are highly efficient and environmentally friendly’

The partnership with Deep Green ensures that the data centres will be powered by low cost, carbon free energy sources, greatly reducing the environmental impact of HPC operations.

The use of immersion cooling technology is a key feature of Sonic Edge’s HPC EdgePod’s data centres. This technology involves submerging servers in a non-conductive liquid to dissipate heat more efficiently. Immersion cooling is a highly efficient method of cooling servers and reducing energy consumption.

Low power costs are the key benefit of Sonic Edge’s HPC EdgePod data centres. By partnering with Deep Green Energy, Sonic Edge can offer customers highly competitive UK market leading energy pricing while reducing the overall capex of HPC operations.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our new HPC EdgePod data centres in partnership with Deep Green,” said Stuart Priest, CEO of Sonic Edge. “Our HPC EdgePod data centres are designed to provide customers with high-performance computing resources at a lower cost than traditional data centres. The use of immersion cooling technology ensures that our data centres are highly efficient and environmentally friendly.”

The launch of Sonic Edge’s HPC EdgePod’s data centres is a significant development for the UK’s HPC industry. With 50 new data centres set to open, customers will have greater access to high-performance computing resources, with a significantly reduced environmental impact.


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