CLP, ESR: Developing Hong Kong's data centre sustainability

CLP Power has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with APAC's largest real estate firm ESR to develop sustainable data centre projects

Electricity company CLP Power has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with ESR, the largest real estate firm in APAC, to develop sustainable data centres and logistics centres in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area (GBA). The aim of the MoU is to support Hong Kong and the GBA in achieving their carbon neutrality goals.

CLP Power will provide one-stop solution and support measures on energy management for ESR, such as energy audits, Eco Building Fund and Electrical Equipment Upgrade Scheme, to improve the energy and carbon efficiency of its data centre and logistics projects in Hong Kong.  Participating in the CLP Renewable Energy Certificate Scheme, allows ESR to further reduce the carbon emissions of its projects in Hong Kong. In addition, CLPe will work with ESR to explore energy management solutions for its development projects in Hong Kong and the GBA, contributing to achieving carbon neutrality.

TK Chiang, Managing Director at CLP Power, said: “CLP Power is delighted to work with ESR and provide one-stop energy efficiency solutions and support for its development projects to reduce overall carbon emissions, supporting Hong Kong to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. CLP Power will continue to work with our business customers to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.”

Data centre demand in Hong Kong sees steep increase in recent years 

As an international financial, trading and logistics hub, Hong Kong’s demand for data centre facilities and services has risen sharply in recent years. Under the MoU, CLP Power and CLPe will leverage their energy and infrastructure solutions expertise to assist ESR in creating sustainable data and logistics centres projects, covering design, construction, and operational aspects.

CLPe Group Managing Director, Alex Keisser, said: “As a trusted partner to deliver energy and infrastructure solutions in Hong Kong and Mainland China, CLPe is dedicated to support business customers transforming their business into low-carbon operation. With our professional expertise, we will help ESR implement comprehensive infrastructure and energy management solutions for cooling, solar, electric vehicle charging and smart technology solutions in its projects, for sustainable business development.”

Jeffrey Shen and Stuart Gibson, Co-founders and Co-CEOs of ESR, added: “As APAC’s largest real asset manager powered by the New Economy, ESR has established an unrivalled track record and network of New Economy real estate in China and across the APAC region. 

“Coupled with CLP’s energy vision, experience and competence, we strive to provide a network of agile, scalable and green digital infrastructure that interconnects businesses and individuals in the digital economy, supports our customers’ growth in scale and reach, and creates sustainable value for different stakeholders. We are very excited to join hands with like-minded parties like CLP Power and CLPe to make great things happen. Every step we take will bring us closer to accomplishing our green ambition.”




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