Data centre firm i3 Solutions appoints new Managing Director

Data centre consulting engineering firm i3 Solutions Group has announced Luke Neville as its new Managing Director for its UK operations

 i3 Solutions Group, a leading consulting engineering firm specialising in data centres and mission-critical environments, has announced the appointment of Luke Neville as Managing Director of the company’s UK operations. 

Luke Neville said: “With data centres evolving and increasing in complexity at such a rapid pace, today’s clients face a raft of new technical challenges from achieving higher levels of energy efficiency and capacity utilisation to delivering greater sector sustainability. It is the role of critical systems engineering to ensure client challenges are met with a cost-effective and elegant response. I’m looking forward to growing personally during this new career chapter, bringing together my engineering experience and management responsibilities.”

Founder and Chairman, Ed Ansett, i3 Solutions said; “Luke Neville has been an important member of our global family since joining i3 in 2016. Always a first-class mechanical engineer, Luke has been taking a greater role in managing the company and its design resources, as well as providing leadership support to both internal and external clients as we have grown. In many respects, this new role is confirmation of a position he already holds at the company.”

“Today, i3 Solutions Group is working hard to exceed client expectations in the field of mission-critical design. We are also delivering thought leadership together with solid, objective engineering information to help guide the data centre sector on the topic GHG Abatement, providing a route map towards net zero carbon emissions. In stepping up to take greater leadership responsibility at i3, Luke is taking the reins at an important inflection point where data centre requirements meet environmental imperatives.”

Who is Luke Neville, Managing Director, i3 Solutions Group?

Luke Neville is a highly qualified and well-respected senior data centre design engineer with over 25 years’ experience. His main areas of expertise lie in critical systems and mechanical cooling design. He has extensive knowledge of providing innovative, resilient, flexible and energy-efficient data centre design solutions. 

Neville joined i3 Solutions in 2016 and enjoys the almost unique experience of having worked as a contractor, a consultant and client-side during his career He firmly believes that consultants should “think like clients,” going beyond a client’s original specification to create a solution designed to offer flexible options for maximised capacity, while withstanding the rigours of real life.

Having a 360-degree view of the industry has helped Luke to translate the discipline of design into operational effectiveness, maintenance, flexibility and resilience throughout the full duration of the facility lifecycle. He is an Uptime Accredited Tier Designer, as well as co-author of one of the first indirect air-free cooling patents,  i3 Solutions Group stated.



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