Nov 4, 2020

Ethiopia to get first Tier III colocation data centre

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Harry Menear
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The Raxio Group will build the private facility on the outskirts of Addis Ababa...

The Raxio Group, a leading, pan-African data centre developer, is investing in Ethiopia by building the country’s first Uptime Institute-certified, Tier II colocation data centre. The company, which was founded in 2018, is also working on a similar project in Uganda.

The facility, which will be operational by the third quarter of 2021, will be managed by Raxio Ethiopia and will provide customers with an ultramodern, modular data centre with the latest industry technology, security and AC/DC compatibility. 

Currently, Ethiopia is Africa's fifth-largest economy and boasts the continent’s second-largest population, making it a prime target for new market entrants. The economy is also predicted to grow by 6.4% in 2021, with digital services at the top of the list of expanding sectors. 

Raxio Ethiopia’s operations are predicted to double in capacity over the next few years, and expansion for the Addis Ababa site is already planned. 

Robert Mullins, President of Raxio Group, explained, “Raxio’s facilities enable companies such as mobile network operators, content delivery networks and financial service providers to run their critical IT systems in a built-for-purpose environment.”

Mullins said that Raxio Ethiopia provides a critical, missing part of the nation's digital infrastructure at an exciting and fast-evolving time in the country’s telecoms industry. 

He commented, "We are pleased to be moving forward with developing Ethiopia’s first privately owned data centre and to have collaborated closely with the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC), the Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) and the ICT Park in reaching this important milestone.”

Raxio Group investment plans include establishing a network of data centres across the East and Southern Africa region by 2022.  

Ato Sandokan Debebe, CEO of Industrial Parks Development Corporation, said “Following the holistic reform that our nation is undergoing, new mobile operators are expected to be licensed soon. As a result, our internet usage is projected to rapidly grow. It is our belief that Raxio Ethiopia will play a paramount role in strengthening and developing the country’s digital infrastructure capabilities.”

He added, “We consider our corporation’s collaboration with Raxio in the development of the ICT Park a great achievement.” 

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Jun 22, 2021

NKG1 opens BDx Nanjing data centre campus

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Big Data Exchange (BDx) launches the first phase of its Nanjing data centre campus in China with the opening of NKG1.

Big Data Exchange (BDx), a pan-Asian data centre company has launched its Nanjing data centre campus in China with the opening of its first facility, NKG1. The company said they “celebrated” the launch of the campus, located in the Yangtze River Delta, one of the nation's richest regions and its largest import and export base. 

Following its certificate of completion from the Urban and Rural Construction Bureau of Jiangning District in Nanjing City, the NKG1 campus is “now serving customers”. Construction on the Nanjing campus began in February last year. 

"We worked through the challenges of completing a major construction project during the peak of the pandemic because customers were anticipating this launch to support an unprecedented surge of growth and capacity requirements”, said Bill Gao, EVP & Chief Executive Officer of BDx Greater China. 

"The launch of NKG1 enables BDx to have new world-class data centre infrastructure in China. It also lays a solid foundation for BDx to provide OTTs, financial services institutions, and Fortune 500 MNC customers with high reliability, high redundancy, and low latency solutions”, he added. 

What does the NKG1 data centre include?

According to BDx, the NKG1 facility is the first data centre in the city to earn the Uptime Institute Tier III Certification of Design Documents and offers 4MW of IT power for colocation. NKG1 is powered by two separate 10-kilovolt feeders from two substations that aim to provide the NKG campus with 60MVA of total power sanctioned from the grid.

During COVID-19, BDx says that its design and construction team focused on safety to ensure that the project was completed safely and without incident. This enabled the company to add critical capacity to this region and respond to the accelerated shift to digital environments that caused a surge in demand for data center services. “Research shows that demand hasn't dropped as the economy reopens”, BDx said. 

The launch of NKG2

Due to rising demand in China’s data centre market, BDx plans to launch the second phase of its Nanjing campus, NKG2, by the end of this year. “NKG2 is designed to be minimally manned and almost lights-out — a reigning philosophy across BDx's data center cluster. In addition, its highly automated features make for a more sustainable data center environment”, the company said.



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