Future Facilities releases latest CFD data centre software

Data centre company Future Facilities has released its latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and digital twin technology, 6SigmaDCX

Data centre and software company Future Facilities has announced the launch of its Release 16 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software. It has also launched its digital twin technology called 6SigmaDCX.

Future Facilities' 6SigmaDCX to provide improved accuracy, speed, and performance in support of data centre teams

According to the company, the new updated software will deliver improved performance, accuracy and speed to support a range of data centre teams in both decision-making and achieving its sustainability goals. Future Facilities also says that 6SigmaDCX offers a range of features to enhance data centre design and operations.

Talking about Release 16, Mark Fenton, Product Manager at Future Facilities said: “"The aspirational goal for Release 16 was to deliver software that satisfied the want of our customers."

"We collaborated with users across all sectors to dig into the features that would make a difference in their day-to-day lives, whether that meant easier model builds, quicker solution times, automated and customisable reporting, or just the good feeling you get from using great software. Thanks to the dedicated input from our customers and partners around the globe, Release 16 delivers on this promise," he said. 

Some key design highlights include: 

  • Enhanced View developments, which enable users to showcase photorealistic results in reports and facilitate animation creation.
  • Improvements to the 1D Flow Network to ensure fast, detailed thermal flow analysis of the liquid and air flow routes.
  • New result views and object configurations, such as Isosurfaces, which deliver innovative ways to visualise external models and empower risk analysis at any stage of design. 
  • The ability to import BIM models directly into 6SigmaDCX for faster model creation. 
  • Performance improvements, namely Future Facilities' new backtracing method, ensure solar radiation calculations solve up to 30 times faster. 

Operations improvements include improved, customisable dashboards and charts which offer new insights and opportunities for both team communication and collaboration, Future Facilities claims. 

In addition, Future Facilities says that viewing 6SigmaRoom simulation reports within 6SigmaAccess “means it takes less time to move between toolsets. "Thanks to these new features, 6SigmaDCX can better support a wide range of industry sectors. For example, colocation data centres are empowered to operate confidently, optimise capacity utilisation, and mitigate risk." 



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