How AUBix’s data centre brings technology parity to Alabama

AUBix, a multi-tenant data centre based in Alabama, aims to bring technology parity to underserved communities in Auburn and throughout the state

AUBix is a multi-tenant, mission-critical data centre located in Auburn, Alabama in the United States. Comprising more than 40,000 sq ft of space the aim of the data centre is to bring technology parity to underserved communities in Auburn and the state of Alabama.

The company, which is led by Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Andrew Albrecht, also offers dense fibre interconnection, ts 40,000 sq ft of space ca be extended to 100,000 sq ft across 6 acres of land. The total space also includes 22,000 sq ft of net rentable square feet (NRSF). 

Opening the AUBix multi-tenant data centre 

The launch of AUBix’s  40,000 sq ft data centre was announced on 29 March 2022. Among those speaking at the grand opening were Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, U.S. Representative Mike Rogers, Auburn University President Jay Gogue and Auburn Mayor Ron Anders. 

“I’m thrilled to see the AUBix data center project come to fruition and begin serving the high-tech needs of Alabama businesses,” Governor Ivey said. “This project is a success for not only Auburn but the entire state of Alabama, equipping our rural communities to compete in global marketplaces.”

Andrew Albrecht, co-founder and CEO of AUBix added:“AUBix is addressing the increasing requirements for high-speed computing and cybersecurity compliance by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and services. In addition, we are committed to increasing the technology-enabled workforce in the region by partnering with academic institutions.”

AUBix delivers access to public cloud computing resources, dense compute and storage infrastructure, as well as cached content to end-users. With AUBix located close to the end-user, data processing and services provide a platform for edge computing that allows organisations to reduce latency and improve the customer experience.

The company claims it also enables digital transformation for businesses through highly interconnected, secure, and compliant infrastructure that can quickly grow to meet new demands. 



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