IPI launches new edge-focused data centre firm, RadiusDC

IPI has launched a new data centre company, known as RadiusDC, focused on metro Edge facilities, which will be led by Mike Krza

Global investment firm IPI Partners is backing a new data centre company, RadiusDC to help address the emerging needs of hyperscale and enterprise customers at the metro edge.

The launch follows the acquisition of the 1500 Champa building in Denver and IPI Partners’ alliance with Mike Krza to develop the new company’s business strategy. Krza will serve as CEO of RadiusDC.

"The metro edge is an area of incredible growth and opportunity in a connectivity-driven economy. We're filling a gap in the market with our new data centre platform, starting with the impressive facility at 1500 Champa. Expect to see much more from RadiusDC over the next year as we roll out upgrades in Denver and add other locations in key North American markets," said Krza.

To further support expansion efforts, Joe Guerriero and Mitch Coan have joined the Company as Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel and Director of Strategic Finance. 

Growing facilities to help meet demands

Meeting the colocation demands of tomorrow, RadiusDC owns and operates facilities in strategically located population centres throughout North America. Hosting a wide variety of network operators, carriers, MSOs, and content providers, RadiusDC supports the increasingly urgent requirement to expand IT infrastructure to the network edge.

1500 Champa is a well interconnected carrier hotels and data centre. The three-story building has approximately 138,000 square feet of data centre and office space, and the potential to support up to 10 megawatts of power capacity. 

RadiusDC is already investing in 1500 Champa to further address its connectivity ecosystem and colocation opportunities, with the initial construction phase on track to be completed by the end of 2022.

Christopher Jensen, Managing Director of IPI, said, "IPI is excited to launch the RadiusDC platform and to have the opportunity to work with a talented and growing management team led by Mike Krza. Through RadiusDC, our goal is to address the evolving and growing needs of our core hyperscale and enterprise customer base at the metro edge in connectivity-rich locations."


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