Liquid Stack builds liquid immersion data centre in the US

Data centre liquid cooling firm Liquid Stack and Standard Power have completed the first liquid immersion-cooled data centre in the US

LiquidStack, the global leader in liquid immersion cooling for data centres, has partnered with colocation data centre provider Standard Power to build the first large-scale colocation data centre in the United States to use 2-phase immersion cooling.

According to Liquid Stack, 2-phase immersion cooling has rapidly gained attention and market share as an alternative to transitionary liquid cooling technologies such as direct-to-chip (cold plates) and 1-phase immersion cooling. LiquidStack pioneered 2-phase liquid immersion cooling in 2012 to efficiently mine Bitcoin in Hong Kong and subsequently delivered its DataTank systems to several 160MW+ hyperscale mining sites in Europe.

In 2019, the company pivoted its focus to data centres, edge and high performance computing applications. LiquidStack’s portfolio of solutions provide best-in-class performance for heat rejection capacity, energy efficiency, water use and space reduction, and CAPEX and OPEX savings. This aligns with Standard Power’s mission of maximizing operating efficiency and computational density in the most sustainable and cost-effective way possible.

“LiquidStack is extremely pleased to announce its first major US data centre deployment with Standard Power,” said Joe Capes, CEO of LiquidStack. “Building upon two years of proof of concept and field trials with hyperscale, semiconductor, hardware and Fortune 500 accounts, we’re excited to see 2-phase immersion cooling move toward common adoption in the colocation space. Standard Power is cutting the edge with LiquidStack’s market leading technology and bringing unparalleled performance, sustainability and cost savings to the forefront of the data centre industry."

New data centre to provide local connection to Midwestern businesses

The facility will help many Midwest enterprises utilising data-intense technologies – including colocation, edge computing, cryptocurrency miners, hi-flux microprocessors, GPUs, ASICs, AI Accelerators, and 5G applications – connect locally for unparalleled performance and cost savings.

The new facility will also feature the DataTank 48U, LiquidStack’s flagship offer for centralized and regional data centres. The DataTank 48U features up to 252kW capacity and provides industry-leading performance and financial benefits.

“We’re a different kind of data centre,” said Maxim Serezhin, CEO of Standard Power. “We believe in conscience-driven investments and technologies that also optimize costs and efficiency, so LiquidStack is the perfect partner for us to create this new, liquid-cooled data centre. 2-phase immersion cooling will raise the standard for what data centres can do, not only for customers but for people and the planet.”



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