Singapore invites applications for new data centres

Singapore is going to manage the growth of data centre capacity in a sustainable manner consistent with its climate change commitments

Singapore's three-year moratorium on new data centres has officially ended, with the authorities announcing a programme for applications to build new facilities.

Previously in 2019 the country's Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) announced a temporary pause in data centre development. No new data centres were allowed, but some existing projects and expansions were completed.

The IMDA and Economic Development Board (EDB) have now launched a pilot scheme for new applications, with the aim of allowing the "calibrated and sustainable growth" of data centres in Singapore.

Creating greener data centres 

The new announcement from IMDA and EDB explained how data centres are important enablers of the digital economy. “As the usage of digital applications and services increases, the demand for data storage and processing for businesses and consumers has also risen globally. However, DCs are also intensive users of resources like land, water, and energy, contributing to our carbon footprint.”

Singapore is on a mission to manage the growth of data centre capacity in a sustainable manner consistent with its climate change commitments.  

Since the pause, EDB and IMDA have had extensive consultations with the DC sector, their industrial customers and sustainability solutions providers to determine the parameters for the installation of new DC capacity. 

EDB and IMDA will partner with the industry to facilitate DCs that: 

  1. Bring in state of the art technologies and best practices for sustainability, particularly in the areas of energy efficiency and decarbonisation; 
  2. Strengthen Singapore’s international connectivity and position as a regional hub; and
  3. Make a significant contribution to Singapore’s broader economic objectives. 

EDB and IMDA will continue to partner with the industry for greener data centres to fulfil its environmental obligations under the 2015 Paris Agreement while supporting the needs of its Digital Economy.


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