Top 10: DE&I Leaders

Top 10: DE&I Leaders
We take a look at the Top 10 data centre industry leaders, who are championing diversity, equity and inclusion across the sector

Diversity, equity and inclusion (known as DE & I) have become key points for sustainability-minded companies. As a part of the male-majority tech sector, the data centre industry is trying to welcome in more women and minority groups. 

Here, we take a look at the top ten data centre sector leaders, who are pioneering diversity, equity and inclusion across the board.

10. Marientina Laina

NTT Global Data Centers, Director of Sustainability

When Marientina Laina joined the tech-sector, she was warned about working in a male-dominated industry. But she took a chance to create change at NTT Global and was motivated to push for greater diversity from within. 

In her role, she has increased female representation from 11% to 28% in executive leadership positions.

“At NTT GDC, increasing these kinds of figures [in favour of female representation] is a commitment and very meaningful priority for our DE&I programme,” she said.

9. Dr Kelley Mullick

Vice President of Technology Advancement and Alliances at Iceotope

Research shows there are roughly 20% of women working in engineering. Dr Mullick joined Iceotope after over a decade working at Intel and in her role as a female engineer, she feels she can look at a project from both a detailed and big picture perspective.

“Women think differently than men, and that in and of itself, is important,” said Dr Kelley. “Research shows that diverse teams with diverse thinking creates higher performing teams with better business results.”

8. Davina Glading

Global Delivery Executive at Systal

After spending three decades at IBM and serving in the Navy, Davina Glading is unafraid of working in male environments. 

“Having a mix on your team ensures all your angles are covered,” she said. 

Davina celebrates different learning styles and methods, fo helping a business reach its full potential. 

“Where men tend to be more strongly visual and tactile in their learning style, women are strong aurally. As we continually move toward a more inclusive and diverse workforce, we must ensure equity in these styles for everyone,” she added.

7. Sophia Flucker

MiCiM Ltd, Technical Director

Sophia Flucker is the Technical Director at MiCiM Ltd, having previously worked as Managing Director at Operational Intelligence Ltd. She is a data centre specialist, with experience in low energy cooling design, risk and energy assessments, capacity management and more. 

“We know we [members of the data centre industry] are not as diverse as we should be,” said Sophia Flucker

But she’s adamant that diversity and inclusion are not just about gender.

“There are so many different types of diversity and I think we really need to open up the conversation to think about how we’re dealing with different minorities.”

6. Teena Piccione

Global Transformation & Operations Executive at Google

As a senior woman executive in a male-dominated sector, Teena has enjoyed breaking through barriers for women across STEM for 18 years. She founded the TriSTEM 2020 initiative to make the Raleigh-Durham area a destination for female STEM professionals and set out new pathways for women and girls.

“We are all given a gift of 86,400 seconds a day. To succeed, you must be laser-focused on how best to use that gift and with whom to share it,” she said. 

5. Mithu Bhargava

EVP and GM Digital Solutions at Iron Mountain Data Centers

Mithu Bhargava is passionate about diversity and encouraging women and girls to pursue a career in technology. Mithu is the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Digital Solutions at Iron Mountain Data Centers, where she builds change and solves problems. 

In addition to this, Mithu is a Board Member for C200, a non-profit organisation which has a goal to ‘educate, inspire, support and advance’ women in leadership roles. She is also a member of the Advisory Council for the Women Business Collective.

4. Nancy Novak

Chief Innovation Officer, Compass Datacenters

With more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry - during which time she has overseen the delivery of more than $3.5bn worth of critical infrastructure projects. She joined Compass Datacentres in 2017 and supports a diverse culture, which includes diversity of thought.

She serves as the Board of Director Vice Chair on the National Institute of Building Sciences BIM Council, as well as Executive Sponsor for the Digital Divide on the iMasons Advisory Board. In October 2020, Novak was recognised by Capacity Media at the 2020 Global Women in Telco and Tech awards, receiving the title of the year’s “Best Woman in Data Centre”.

3. Patricia Rodríguez Henríquez

Data Centre Operations Manager, Microsoft

This Pride, Microsoft is celebrating with ‘radical joy’ with its employees, by waving 74 community flags in bright, joyful and radical Pride designs. 

Microsoft’s Data Centre Operations Manager, Patricia Rodríguez Henríquez, sees the industry as one where diversity and inclusion can drastically improve ideas and efficiency. 

“This is an amazing industry where women have great opportunities and we are eager to see diversity improve in our teams,” said Patricia. “When you work with people from different nationalities and cultures, you realise that [prejudices are] still more perceptible.” 

2. Terri Hatcher

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at NTT DATA Services

Terri Hatcher wants to make the data centre industry more inclusive, not just within the walls of NTT, where she is dedicated to advancing equality.

As Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, she led the creation of an internal Diversity, Equity and Inclusion certification programme at NTT, the ‘Inclusion Intelligence Certification’. 

More than 60% of the NTT DATA Services global population is certified, and employees worldwide are engaged in building programmes that support diversity, equity and inclusion.

“Leaders within an organisation should see these groups not as a formality, but as an important part of supporting a gender-diverse and inclusive business,” she said, in an exclusive feature piece with Data Centre Magazine.

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1. Aashna Puri

Director of Strategy and Sustainability at CyrusOne

Aashna Puri is the Director of Strategy and Sustainability at CyrusOne, a global data centre developer with a company-wide Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) training as part of its HR Roadshow, with training focused on embracing different cultures and ethnicities and engaging with our employees and customers in a way that reflects and respects their unique perspectives and experience.

Aashna sees the untapped potential of the female workforce as something the sector must balance by inspiring all students to pursue related subjects. 

“The industry has acknowledged this diversity gap and understood how a lack of woman representation and senior female leaders to aspire to can impact the future of the industry, which is an important step. Now, we must come together to address it,” she said. 



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