Digital Loyang II ( SIN12) - Our first colocation-enabled data centre in Singapore.

By Digital Realty
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 Digital Loyang 2 (SIN12) will be capable of provisioning up to 50 megawatts of critical power capacity. Located less than 25 kilometres from Singapore's central business district, the new facility will be built on a site that will span a Gross Floor Area of 34,000 square metres and will ultimately broaden opportunities for more international companies to expand into Singapore with their digital assets. Both the existing SIN11 and planned SIN12 facilities are strategically located close to the Changi North landing station. As announced in 2018, Digital Realty already has a relationship with Singapore Internet Exchange (SGIX) to provide local peering at Digital Realty's Singapore data centre facilities in Jurong West (SIN10) and Loyang Way (SIN11). As a result of this partnership, customers in both facilities are benefitting from greater and more cost-effective connectivity options. These peering points on both ends of the island are enhancing the overall resilience of the peering solution ecosystem in Singapore. SIN12 will also be one of the most sustainable data centers in the region with a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.25. This will help reduce energy usage and improve the water-use efficiency (WUE) of the facility. 


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