Angola Cables' IP solution reduces lag between gaming nodes

By Daisy Slater
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Angola Cables has developed a new innovative IP transit gaming solution to decrease lag times between international server...

The IT solutions provider have created a new IP transit solution after observing data traffic gaming routes during the global COVID-19 pandemic. The new innovative solution will offer consumers latency reductions through dedicated connections between international gaming servers. For example, gamers located on the African continent and southern hemisphere will expect to see a reduction in lag from anywhere between 20% to 50%. 

They have already experienced serious success during a live simulation between gamers in Africa and South America where they managed a reduction in ping between 70 and 100ms. In recent years, many gamers in Africa have been heavily affected by poor connections resulting in a lot of lag. However, Angola Cables’ new game-altering solution will be received with open arms by these gamers as it will significantly reduce their latency. 

How the solution works

Selecting optimal routes between international gaming nodes and end users, the solution provides consumers with direct hyper connections, better quality, improved ping and less lag. Internet providers who are directly connected to Angola Cables’ own network will be able to offer its consumers zero delays in connectivity, allowing for a more optimal gaming experience. 

The solution also benefits gamers who use international platforms such as Xbox, Blizzard, Sony and many more as they can also take advantage of the better connectivity and improved latencies. 

About Angola Cables

Angola Cables is a multinational IT solutions provider operating in the global ICT market place. The company’s main focus was to develop and provide an innovative, unique and secure gaming solution to tackle the poor latency issues gamers face today, especially with regards to the African continent. António Nunes, CEO of Angola Cables defined the company as “one of the few companies with the capacity to serve this market in a differentiated way – particularly within the southern hemisphere.”

Nunes also stated that “By delivering a tailored solution that will improve gaming connections for the growing number of gaming enthusiasts in Africa - and the evolving cloud gaming market, we can actively stimulate additional income streams for developers, digital influencers and help to build the African gaming ecosystem and expanding esports environment.”

The success of the company thus far has been vital in realising the potential of their solutions, with Nunes saying that, “The good results achieved have given us a strong indication that our engineered solution has the potential to be a sought-after commodity or premium service of considerable value for ISPs and gamers alike.”


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