Apr 16, 2021

Legend: Andy Jassy

Harry Menear
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For over a decade, Andy Jassy's work as the CEO of AWS has cemented him as the father of the modern cloud
For over a decade, Andy Jassy's work as the CEO of AWS has cemented him as the father of the modern cloud...

A relative unknown outside of his own industry, incoming Amazon CEO Andy Jassy is far from Far from being one of the biggest names in tech. He likes to stay out of the limelight, letting people like Elon Musk and his boss, Jeff Bezos, soak up public attention with grand statements, publicity stunts and problematic rants on Twitter. 

Make no mistake though, there are few people in the world who have had more influence over the modern internet than Andy Jassy. As the head of Amazon Web Services since its inception in 2003, in many respects, Jassy is the father of the modern cloud. 

Over the past 15 years since its launch in 2006, AWS has reshaped the modern internet, taking the internet-as-a-service approach and turning it from a crackpot moonshot that attracted the derision of established technology giants, and turning it into the foundation of the digital age. 

Amazon might be best known for its massive fulfilment centres and next-day delivery, but AWS is its beating heart and one of its biggest earners - raking in over $12bn in sales in Q4 of 2020 alone. 

A large element of AWS’ success can be attributed to Jassy’s own philosophy of bigger is better and putting the customer first, explaining that "If you go with the platform that has the most capabilities and the right tools for the job, only makes it easier to migrate all your existing applications but also to enable your builders to build anything they can imagine,” in a keynote speech at AWS re:Invent 2020. 

He added that AWS is a “customer-focused” organisation through and through (back in 2017 he publicly criticised rival cloud provider Oracle for their high rates and customer lock-in contracts), saying that, “What we build is driven by what you tell us matters to you. And even if you can’t articulate a feature, we try to read between the lines, understand what you are trying to build and invent on your behalf.” 

Jassy’s appointment to the position of Amazon CEO was announced in February, and he is expected to take over the role some time in Q3 of this year. 

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May 12, 2021

People Moves: John Gould joins nDivision board 

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The CyrusOne and Dell veteran will guide and advocate for nDivision, a high-tech automation firm based in Dallas. 

This week, IT and automation startup nDivision signed John Gould to its board of directors. It’s an undeniable win for the relatively small Texan tech firm, as Gould brings a degree of pedigree and experience to the small firm, and will undoubtedly open doors to new partnerships and commercial opportunities as a result. 

John Gould - Linkedin
John Gould - Linkedin

Recently, Gould served as the CMO and member of the executive team at CyrusOne. During his tenure at the leading data centre firm, he is credited with generating market-leading sales growth to the tune of $1bn between 2016 and last year - representing a CAGR of about 20%. He left the company in September of last year, since taking over as the Chief Revenue Officer at Enchanted Rock, an IT and data centre power support and resilliency firm also based in Dallas. 

Before joining CyrusOne, Gould worked as the President of Stratasys, a 3D printing firm, as well as the Chief Revenue Officer at ReachLocal, and spent 14 years in various roles at Dell - working largely on the sales side of the tech giant’s managed IT services and digital transformation business. 

"We are incredibly excited and honored to have John join the nDivision board. John is an extremely accomplished business executive and respected corporate leader who brings a wealth of experience to nDivision,” commented nDivision’s CEO, Alan Hixon. 

“His business savvy as well as his relationships immediately makes him a valuable board member and advocate for nDivision." 

nDivision’s business model - using proprietary, AIdriven automation to replace human workers - is a new direction for Gould, but his career in the data centre and cloud industries has already been diverse enough. 

In a statement to the press, he commented that, “nDivision has a disruptive IT Managed Services solution due to its high degree of Intelligent Automation technologies, which drives both cost savings and dramatically improved service levels for its customers. I see huge potential for the nDivision platform and am excited to join its board and look forward to working with Alan and the entire nDivision board and management team in driving shareholder value."


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