Supermicro Powers Liquid Cooling Solutions for AI and HPC

“Supermicro continues to work with our AI and HPC customers to bring the latest technology," says CEO Charles Liang (Image: Supermicro)
Supermicro launches new liquid-cooled solutions for data centre racks to support the AI and HPC demands of its customers and reducing power requirements

To address increasing demand for artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC), IT company Supermicro will deliver liquid-cooled solutions to reduce data centre power requirements.

Supermicro’s solutions, including cold plates, cooling distribution units (CDUs) and cooling towers, aims to reduce the power usage effectiveness (PUE) of a data centre. 

Data centre servers that are liquid-cooled can work to significantly lower the overall power consumption of a facility by up to 40%, according to the company. Complete data centre liquid cooling solutions can also work to enable AI factories to be built faster using the latest high-performing GPU servers.

Supermicro’s complete liquid cooling solutions can handle 100 kW per data centre rack. This helps to reduce the total cost of ownership for the data centre and allows denser AI and HPC computing.

Boosting AI capabilities within the data centre

Data centre liquid cooling is becoming a more popular solution within the industry, as it helps to make facilities more energy efficient and reduce overall costs. The industry is facing increased levels of pressure to remove heat from data centres, as high-demand technologies like AI use lots of energy.

With computing power continuing to increase, data centre operators incorporating liquid cooling is fast becoming an inevitability within their company strategies.

Supermicro’s Managing Director & President EMEA at Supermicro, Vik Malyala, told Data Centre Magazine in April 2024: At Supermicro, we anticipate that 20% of data centres will adopt liquid cooling this calendar year to remove the heat generated by today's high end servers. Looking forward, liquid cooling may be adopted more as AI computing gets deployed from core to the edge.”

As a result, Supermicro has been working to accelerate its AI solutions. The company has partnered with world-leading companies such as Nvidia, using Nvidia GPUs to advance AI edge workloads, in addition to harnessing AMD software to maximise AI value and implementation.

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The latest Supermicro servers are designed to use liquid cooling for both CPUs and GPUs, running at high loads for AI training.

“Supermicro continues to work with our AI and HPC customers to bring the latest technology, including total liquid cooling solutions, into their data centres,” says Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. “Our building block architecture allows us to bring the latest GPUs and accelerators to market, and with our trusted suppliers, we continue to bring new rack-scale solutions to the market that ship to customers with a reduced time to delivery.”

Accommodating larger data centre workloads

As a whole, Supermicro is a global leader in optimised IT solutions. Founded in 1993, the company remains committed to delivering first-to-market innovation across the technology industry, including cloud, AI, 5G telco and edge infrastructure.

The company’s offerings are designed to enable the next generation of digital transformation for its customers around the world. For instance, its systems are designed to support numerous aspects of the data centre, including processors, GPUs and power and cooling solutions such as liquid cooling.

With these latest cooling offerings, Supermicro’s high-performance servers are designed to accommodate the most performant CPUs and GPUs for simulation, data analytics and machine learning.


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