Mar 10, 2021

BCLP: Multi-Disciplinary Data Center Experience

Daniel Brightmore
3 min
 BCLP: Multi-Disciplinary Data Center Experience
Meeting the legal needs of the digital infrastructure ecosystem on a global scale from M&A asset transactions to energy planning...

The Data Center & Digital Infrastructure Team at international law firm Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner draws from a deep well of knowledge and experience to help clients address all aspects of mission critical development, including tax incentives, construction, acquisition and sales, financing arrangements, operations, leasing, subleasing, co-location along with environmental permitting, power purchases, power procurement strategies and agreements, user agreements, SLAs and maintenance agreements. 

Adding Value

“We’ve structured our service offering to provide a comprehensive perspective on all the disciplines that are relevant to both the digital infrastructure investor and the developer, owner and operator,” explains BCLP Partner James Grice. “We’re a force multiplier for companies like Landmark Dividend seeking to scale as needed on their projects with everything from a compressed timeline on diligence to transactional real estate documentation for a build-to-suit.”

Global Scale

As a global law firm, BCLP can draw on a team of 1,400 professionals with one of the largest real estate teams in the world, allowing it to deploy resources when and where necessary. The ability to scale smartly sets the firm apart and leaves it well placed to meet the growing demand for digital services and the infrastructure required to support them.

“The overall data center ecosystem is on the path to double digit annual growth in the foreseeable future,” forecasts Grice. “BCLP is in tune with the totality of that ecosystem and the infrastructure layer driving the internet, e-commerce and the digital economy. For example, the hyperscale market is forecast to grow by at least 25% annually over the next five years with many new investors trying to penetrate the space. We have the experience and skill to support the virtual layer with data security and software, while also focusing on the infrastructure layer needed to drive that digital growth. We’re going to see more division and subsets develop within the asset class. Whatever shape that takes, we’re well placed to navigate the marketplace.”

Robust Advice

“In a data center divestiture transaction, we must draw upon asset purchase issues, while also needing to navigate the leasing and service level agreement issues associated with the lease back. Adding in the facilities management requirements, the energy planning, and the connectivity issues means that you need a legal partner who can run the whole gamut,” he advises. “Investors are increasingly attracted to this asset type and it’s a process where we can add a lot of value across various disciplines with capabilities that put us in a robust position to provide valuable counsel to our clients.”

BCLP – A Global Law Firm

  • 1,400 lawyers in 30 offices advising businesses across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
  • $75bn cumulative deal value of real estate projects advised on in the last two years.
  • 40% of the Fortune 500 rely on BCLP to support their business goals and protect their interests.
  • 4 x winners for legal innovation since 2011. ‘Leader in Law Firm Innovation’ (, ‘Number 1 Most Innovative Law Firm’ (Legal Business), 2x ‘World’s Most Innovative Law Firm’ (ILTA).

“BCLP has the bandwidth and can handle the volume of transactions we're processing with multiple deals in parallel, and negotiate contracts and SLAs with large operators. Their expertise gives us the confidence they know the difference between real and perceived risks. They’re deal-makers. It’s our plan to grow internationally so BCLP is a true partner that has the experience to represent us on that stage. They’ve also made introductions and opened doors for us - they’re not just involved to bill hours.” Christof Hammerli, Head of Digital Infrastructure, Landmark Dividend.

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Jun 14, 2021

Inside the future of Ireland’s subsea cable landscape

4 min
Meet the industry experts sitting down to discuss subsea cabling, digital transformation, Data Gravity, and the fate of Ireland’s digital economy. 

On Tuesday, June 15, 2021, experts from Aqua Comms, GTT, euNetworks, the IDA, and European data centre leader Interxion will take part in a virtual panel to explore the evolving relationship between subsea cabling, digital transformation, Data Gravity and the future of Ireland’s digital economy. 

You can tune in to the event, which is taking place between 10:30 PM - 11:30 PM JST on Tuesday, here - or view it later on-demand. The hour-long panel will also conclude with a 20 minute Q&A session with the audience, moderated by Interxion’s Senior Director of Market Development, Mike Hollands

The Gateway to Europe

Since the first transatlantic cable was laid in 1858, briefly connecting Newfoundland and Valentia Island in County Kerry, Ireland has served as a critical gateway for North American organisations looking to gain access to Europe. 

Today, some of the largest firms in the world, like Pfizer, Janssen, Zurich, Metlife, Google and VmWare use Ireland for their European Headquarters. The combination of an English-speaking workforce (a boon made all the more important as Brexit makes the UK and the north of Ireland an increasingly complex environment that provides diminishing opportunities to access the rest of Europe), a cultural and regulatory landscape that welcomes foreign investment, and world-class connectivity makes the country an unparalleled choice for firms looking to establish a foothold in the EU. 

As a result, Ireland has become one of the world’s leading data centre hubs. And, thanks to the exponential growth of Data Gravity, and the increasingly essential nature of digital infrastructure, Ireland’s role as a launchpad into Europe is only likely to grow more prominent.  

The future of Ireland’s digital economy is, experts from Interxion argue, closely linked to its ability to provide connectivity between Europe and North America. The further development of the country’s subsea cable industry will form the keystone of the discussion being held on Tuesday, as experts from throughout the industry share their insights into the challenges and opportunities that face operators working towards a more connected future for Ireland. 

Meet the Experts 

On Tuesday, speakers from the IDA, Aqua Comms, GTT Communications, euNetworks, and Interxion will discuss key themes, including key facts about Ireland’s existing subsea infrastructure, plans for the future of the industry, the challenges that need to be overcome, the interaction between subsea and terrestrial networks, and the next steps in Ireland’s role as the gateway to Europe. 

Ciarán Delaney

Ciaran Delaney, VP of Operations and Optical Engineering, GTT
Ciaran Delaney, VP of Operations and Optical Engineering, GTT

Ciarán Delaney has served as the VP of Operations and Optical Engineering at GTT since 2017. With more than 10 years worth of experience in the telecoms industry, he’s a leading expert on transatlantic connectivity, with an in-depth knowledge of both submarine and terrestrial cable systems.  

Nigel Bayliff 

Nigel Bayliff, CEO, Aqua Comms
Nigel Bayliff, CEO, Aqua Comms

Currently serving as the CEO and Director of the Board at Irish submarine cable firm Aquacomms, Nigel Bayliff has more than 30 years of experience in the telecom infrastructure market. His past roles have granted him unique perspectives gained from buying, building and running international submarine cable networks as an operator as well as developing and implementing cables as a constructor. 

Toby Williams

Toby Williams, Head of Infrastructure Investment, euNetworks
Toby Williams, Head of Infrastructure Investment, euNetworks

As the Head of Infrastructure Investment at euNetworks, Toby Williams has spent over a decade developing digital infrastructure throughout Europe, Ireland, and the UK. He has also done extensive work developing dark fibre networks, which are a key component in providing the agility and capacity necessary for operators to overcome the challenges posed by Data gravity. 

Shane Nolan

Shane Nolan, Head of Technology and Emerging Business, IDA Ireland
Shane Nolan, Head of Technology and Emerging Business, IDA Ireland

The Irish Investment Development Agency (IDA) is one of the key drivers of overseas investment in the country, and is responsible for the attraction and development of foreign investment in Ireland. Shane Nolan has worked in various roles throughout the IDA for more than 18 years, and is currently serving as the organisation’s Head of Technology & Emerging Business. 

Mike Hollands 

Mike Hollands, Senior Director of Market Development, Interxion
Mike Hollands, Senior Director of Market Development, Interxion

Interxion: A Digital Realty Company, is one of Europe’s leading data centre operators and, as part of Digital Realty’s Platform DIGITAL, is taking a leading role in raising awareness of the threat posed by Data Gravity. Mike Hollands has served as Interxion’s Senior Director of Marketing Development & Strategy since 2017, and is a 15 year veteran of the industry. At Tuesday’s event, he will serve as moderator, guiding the discussion surrounding the evolution of Ireland’s role as a gateway to Europe and regional data centre and subsea cabling hub. 

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