Aug 27, 2020

EdgeMicro expands network with five new micro data centres

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Harry Menear
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With five new micro data centres slated to come online in Q4 2020, EdgeMicro is set to almost double its footprint  (Image Courtesy of EdgeMicro)
With five new micro data centres slated to come online in Q4 2020, EdgeMicro is set to almost double its footprint...

Colorado-based EdgeMicro announced this week that it will almost double the size of its micro data centre network. 

By the end of Q4 2020, EdgeMicro will bring five additional micro data centre facilities online in five US cities: Cleveland, Indianapolis, Memphis, Houston, and Pittsburgh, regions chosen due to being “underserved” by traditional data centre infrastructure while also having large population bases and industry presence. 

These facilities are a mere 20 feet long, small enough to transport on the back of a semi-truck, and are intended to help improve low-latency connectivity in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities throughout the US, where connectivity and access to colocation services is currently restricted. The first EdgeMicro data centres went online at the end of last year in Astin and Tampa and Raleigh. The company now operates a network of eight micro data centres across those three cities. 

The addition of five more micro data centres will almost double EdgeMicro’s capacity. 

"Success of our initial locations has accelerated our deployment to the edge," said Mike Hagan, Founder & CEO of EdgeMicro. The company already operates a network of eight micro data centres across the US cities of Austin, Texas; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Tampa, Florida.

"Our portfolio of eight strategically positioned micro data centres offer businesses the chance to connect to users and fully demonstrates our ability to scale in a rapidly growing edge market. By offering infrastructure closer to the end user, we lower latency and positively impact the bandwidth challenges that have been created by increasingly important work-from-home demands related to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Hagan added in a press release on Tuesday.

Increased demand for EdgeMicro’s services, as well as a rapid global expansion of the edge data centre network market, have driven significant growth at the firm, which launched in 2017. 

"Due to our expanding portfolio we are experiencing heightened leasing activity," said Jason Bourg, Vice President of Revenue at EdgeMicro. "EdgeMicro's ability to deliver reliable, repeatable, colocation and connectivity is paying off for both our business partners and the mutual customers we serve."

The global edge data centre market is expanding rapidly. Global Market Insights data published at the end of last year projects that the market is set to grow at an annual rate of 20.5% between 2019 and 2025.

Similarly, new data released yesterday by analyst firm Frost & Sullivan forecasts that, by 2022, 90% of industrial enterprises will utilise edge computing, a trend that is expected to massively drive adoption of edge data centre colocation services. 

"From the perspective of the multi-access edge computing ecosystem, software—edge application and solutions—promises the highest CAGR followed by services—telecom operators' services, cloud providers' infrastructure-as-a-service, and edge data centre colocation services," commented Renato Pasquini, Information & Communication Technologies Research Director at Frost & Sullivan.

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Jun 22, 2021

Cologix invests in hybrid cloud connectivity across Canada 

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In response to rapid interconnection growth, Canadian data centre operator Cologix is investing in two facilities in Vancouver and Toronto. 

Canadian and US data centre operator Cologix is investing in two data centres in Canada, in response to “record growth in interconnection in Canada,” reportedly due to “accelerated customer demand to access clouds, software, networks and other key stakeholders at the edge.” 

In order to meet this increased demand for interconnection to support public and hybrid cloud services, Cologix has invested an undisclosed sum to acquire an interconnection facility from Zayo Group Holdings in Vancouver, and add a further 10 MW of IT capacity to its existing hyperscale facility in Toronto. 

Cologix's CEO, Bill Fathers, noted that “We continue to invest in deep connectivity and scale in Canada in response to accelerated demand for cloud deployments at the network edge,” adding that Cologix currently hosts 75% of Canada’s direct cloud onramps in its data centres, as well as providing its customers “access to thousands of miles of dark fiber routes in the provinces of British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario.” 

Fathers also emphasised the fact that “This site acquisition in the heart of downtown Vancouver, where data centre space is in short supply, fits into Cologix's interconnection growth strategy by continuing to expand our Canadian footprint to support edge cloud traffic growth."

Located in downtown Vancouver, the new site purchased from Zayo Group Holdings is located at 175 West Cordova Street. The site comprises more than 65,000 square feet of real estate, and Cologix plans to begin expanding the facility immediately, adding an additional 4.2 MW of capacity in the coming year. 

Cologix’s Toronto data centre TOR4, is connected to an extensive dark fibre network which adjoins it to the company’s largest data centre in the city, TOR1. The newly announced expansion will add a further 10 MW of capacity to the site, as well as expand its total floorspace by approximately 50,000 square feet. 

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