Feb 9, 2021

Lenovo to power SURF's new supercomputer

Data Centres
Harry Menear
2 min
The €20mn project will create the most powerful HPC facility in the Netherlands
The €20mn project will create the most powerful HPC facility in the Netherlands...

SURF, a cooperative association of Dutch educational and research institutions dedicated to driving digital innovation in the country’s economy, is building the Netherlands’ most powerful supercomputer in the Amsterdam Data Tower at the Amsterdam Science Park.

The project, which was announced on Monday, will replace SURF’s existing supercomputer, Cartesius, with a new facility capable of delivering computing power equivalent to 14 petaflops at peak performance (roughly equal to that of 100,000 laptops). 

Chinese tech multinational Lenovo has been selected to provide the necessary infrastructure to build the machine, following the completion of a tender process on February first. Funding is being provided through an €18mn grant from the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, as well as €2mn from SURF’s own coffers.  

SURF, in a press statement, says it chose Lenovo’s bid due to its superior proposals in the fields of performance and sustainability, adding that the deal will allow for the largest possible amount of scientific research within the organisation’s budget. 

"Researchers' need for computing power, data storage and data processing is growing exponentially. In the design of the new supercomputer, usability for scientific research is paramount,” said Walter Lioen, manager of Research Services at SURF.  

“It is not designed for the highest ranking in the top 500 fastest supercomputers in the world. Moreover, the system must be suitable for all fields of science, from astronomy and research into climate change to medical and social sciences. In addition, we must be able to flexibly scale up the supercomputer in the future."

The new supercomputer will be built using Lenovo’s ThinkSystem servers, which use cutting edge AMD EPYC processors and the latest generation NVIDIA GPUs, which are essential to machine learning workloads

Lenovo’s cooling techniques have been selected for maximum energy efficiency, using water cooling technology that reportedly requires 90% less energy than air cooling fans. 

The installation will begin some time this month, and the new super computer is expected to be online by mid-2021. 

"We are very pleased to contribute to a project that will not only enrich scientific research in the Netherlands, but also deliver a smarter and, thanks to our water-cooling technology, more energy-efficient system,” commented Tina Borgbjerg, General Manager for Benelux and the Nordics at Lenovo DCG.

“The enormous power that this national supercomputer will deliver demonstrates our expertise in HPC, and the scale of this deal further confirms our commitment to the Benelux region and to the Netherlands."

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Jun 18, 2021

Group Management: Superior compliance in construction

Group Management
3 min
Group Management’s Steve Cressey on a uniquely collaborative partnership with Mercury Engineering and almost 15 years of compliant construction projects

Group Management Electrical Surveys is a long-standing and vital partner to Mercury Engineering. The company offers an innovative suite of electrical inspection, test and documentation services to ensure compliance in complex major construction projects for many of the UK and EU's leading companies. Utilising in-house cutting-edge solutions and its highly competent and experienced engineers, Group Management provides everything from electrical inspection and testing to thermal imaging surveys, QA/QC management, torque compliance, technical support, DSEAR compliance and electrical installation condition reports.

“No project can achieve handover without the correct documentation and safety critical electrical certification in place,” says Managing Director Steve Cressey. “Our services ensure that project critical documentation and certification can be correctly produced in an efficient, cost effective manner, which makes Group Management an important part of any construction project.” 

Cressey joined the business in 2009, bringing strong and incisive leadership to Group Management, with decades of industry experience giving him a unique understanding of the design through to handover construction process. He has stewarded the business’ partnership with Mercury since its inception and describes it as uniquely collaborative.  

“Our relationship with Mercury Engineering stretches back many years. We partnered with Mercury  on our first Data Centre project together in Watford in 2007, and since then the relationship has gone from strength to strength,” says Cressey.

“The partnership is longstanding, and we’ve built an incredibly strong working relationship. Partnering with Mercury, who are an innovative, cutting-edge technology provider, means we must constantly improve our services offering. We strive to be the best in what we do, and Mercury can trust we will be efficient in delivering on time, on budget, to achieve a successful handover that meets both Mercury’s and the end clients’ future needs.”

Group Management has since successfully completed more than 30 Data Centre projects throughout the EU as Mercury’s preferred electrical compliance partner. The relationship has also seen Group Management partner with Mercury Engineering on four brand-new hospitals in the UK and Ireland, key pharmaceutical projects and a number of commercial and leisure spaces. 

“To ensure the continued success and growth of Group Management we always discuss projects with key clients and their teams, take feedback on the performance of both our business and our individuals, and in turn use that to improve our services,” Cressey says. 

“The professional development of our employees is essential to our success. All our employees are encouraged to continue their education, to further develop their skills through additional training, and that in turn drives better service and a superior product for our clients. We now offer four more services to Mercury than when the partnership began, which has helped spur Group Management’s growth and success within the wider market.”



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