Top 10: 'Coolest' Cooling Companies

Data Centre Magazine considers some of the leading companies that are committed to developing the best cooling solutions
We consider some of the leading data centre companies that are committed to developing the best cooling solutions to power a sustainable industry

During an era of huge digital transformation, data centre operators are looking for new solutions to prevent their facilities from draining the world’s power. As a result, companies are continuously innovating new sustainability-led solutions that help to reduce carbon footprint.

Cooling has therefore emerged as a viable solution. Put simply, data centre cooling is controlling the temperature inside the facility to reduce heat. From air cooling to liquid cooling, companies are utilising these new and improved solutions to keep equipment cool and therefore reduce energy waste.

With this in mind, Data Centre Magazine considers some of the leading companies that are committed to developing the best cooling solutions to reduce the environmental impact of the data centre.

10. LiquidStack

LiquidStack is an industry-leading cooling company with a successful track record of driving breakthrough innovations in cooling. It is currently one of the world’s most admired liquid cooling companies for AI, hyperscale, edge and high performance computing (HPC).

The company’s new 2-phase immersion cooling solution has been the recipient of multiple awards for building the world’s most efficient liquid cooled data centre solutions. It seeks to provide data centres with a powerful and economical option to shift from air cooling to energy-efficient immersion cooling.

9. JetCool

JetCool designs and delivers cooling modules that aim to decrease energy consumption, water usage and overall carbon footprint. The company’s mission is to continuously innovate next-generation cooling solutions to enable devices that will fuel a more sustainable future.

Its technology works to help businesses become more sustainable, profitable and efficient by designing and delivering micro-convective cooling technology for high-power electronics. As a result, its customers in the data centre, HPC and semiconductor markets are able to achieve better compute performance.

8. Asetek

Asetek is a Danish company that designs, develops and markets liquid cooling solutions for computer systems. Founded in 1997, the company has two segments - the desktop segment and the data centre segment.

The company’s liquid coolers aim to deliver high performance whilst priding itself on its reliability. Its cooling processor innovations can enable energy-efficient data centre cooling, in addition to its liquid cooling technology being able to reuse 75% of the total energy used in data centres as 60°C (140°F) hot water.

7. Iceotope

Iceotope aims to reimagine liquid cooling to accelerate a sustainable digital world, in addition to creating scalable and serviceable cooling solutions. The company works with its customers to better achieve their goals faster and in a sustainable way.

In June 2023, the company announced a sustainable data centre solution KUL RAN - an edge solution designed to reduce energy consumption. The product was delivered in partnership with Intel and Hewlett Packard Enterprise and is liquid cooled to address edge deployment challenges.

6. Asperitas

Asperitas is a clean and high-tech company that provides cutting edge immersion cooling infrastructure for data centres. It offers immersion cooling solutions to achieve an energy neutral data centre industry worldwide. As leading immersion cooling specialists, Asperitas launched its first data centre cooling solution in 2017.

The company’s mission is to enable sustainable and high performing data centres that facilitate all emerging digital technologies. Its immersion cooling technology aims to enable sustainable and high density data centres anywhere they are needed.

5. Submer

Submer helps to enable next-generation cooling and automation for data and energy-intense environments by integrating its efficient and sustainable technologies. Powered by its industry-leading immersion cooling, the company’s services and solutions are designed and tailor-made to optimise data centre operations.

The company also offers its clients and partners a way to minimise their environmental impact by offering a more planet-friendly, sustainable technology that uses less water, less power and overall produces less carbon footprint. It can also help to make HPC clusters more efficient and sustainable.

4. Green Revolution Cooling (GRC)

GRC works to redefine the efficiency and sustainability of data centre cooling by increasing performance. The company was founded in 2009 with a vision to change the way that data centres are designed, built and operated, having developed single-phase immersion cooling technologies. 

The company has become an industry leader by offering a range of solutions that are designed to help companies grow computing power easily, cost effectively and sustainably. Its liquid-cooled server racks have allowed the company to partner with the likes of Dell Technologies, Intel and Vertiv.

3. Gigabyte

Gigabyte offers single-phase and two-phase immersion cooling systems to enable industry leaders to build sustainable data centres. It has established a reputation with its award-winning products that include motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, mini PCs, monitors and other PC components.

The company also extends towards integrating AI and AIoT applications so that its customers can analyse and transform digital transformation into business transformation, from edge to cloud. As of October 2023, the company is also a partner of Taiga Cloud to develop cutting-edge technologies with the aim of revolutionising the European market.

2. Usystems by Legrand

The Usystems brand by industrial group Legrand is well-known for innovative cooling and rack solutions. Having been established in 2003, the brand has more than 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing energy efficient and industry-leading solutions.

Usystems has experienced much innovation to become a go-to brand for cutting edge energy saving data centre cooling and intelligent micro data centre edge products. The products aim to enhance data centre cooling for global businesses by making facilities more sustainable. 

Its state-of-the-art data centre cooling solutions are designed for reducing energy. Specifically, sustainable cooling efficiency is combined with the ability to scale so that Usystems customers can reach their desired IT densities. 

1. Vertiv

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Vertiv is a global leader in digital data centre infrastructure that has been committed to powering and cooling data for more than five decades. Headquartered in Ohio, United States, Vertiv has more than 27,000 employees worldwide and does business in more than 130 countries across 23 manufacturing and assembly facilities.

The company has a broad range of cooling solutions, including liquid cooling to enable higher chilled water, supply air and secondary inlet temperatures that can maximise the efficiency of data centre facility infrastructure.

In order to better support the sustainable goals of its customers, Vertiv also introduced Vertiv TimberMod in 2023 - a ground-breaking variant of its Vertiv Power Module and SmartMod families designed to utilise mass timber instead of steel to build prefabricated modular (PFM) data centre solutions.

With these new developments, Vertiv’s goal is to pioneer environmentally friendly materials that can minimise resource depletion and reduce CO2 emissions.


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