Feb 8, 2021

The Top 10 Data Centre Real Estate Companies

Harry Menear
7 min
Data Centres
Iron Mountain
Iron Mountain...

Go back a few years and you wouldn’t have seen Iron Mountain on any lists demarking the most significant players in the data centre space. The Boston-based firm started out as a secure storage provider, handling sensitive documents, pieces of art and medical supplies for governments and the Fortune 500. It still uses its international network of secure sites for that purpose, but in the last few years has cleverly identified data centres as a complementary area of investment. The company has quickly grown its portfolio to include 15 data centres, mostly located in the US, with three in Europe and one in Singapore. With secure storage and data centre facilities built into decommissioned mine shafts and nuclear bunkers, Iron Mountain is certainly one of the most interesting players in the data centre real estate space. Because it doesn’t generate a significant enough portion of its profits from data centres alone, it isn’t technically a data centre real estate investment trust (REIT), but it fills a very similar role in the market. 

Market Cap: $7.6bn

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

CEO: William Meaney 

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