Jun 13, 2021

The Top 10 Data Centre Risk Management Best Practices

7 min
Data Centre Magazine’s top tips for minimising and managing the ever-evolving risks to the modern data centre.

Data centres are such a critical element of the modern world that just a few hours offline can create massive disruptions, both for the operator and its customers. These issues, whether they stem from external factors like fires or - in the recent case of Texas data centre operators - storms, improperly maintained hardware, cyber breaches, or something else, are more common than the average data centre owner would probably care to believe. Back in 2018, the Uptime Institute collected data that showed over 30% of respondents had experienced a downtime incident or a severe degradation of their services in the previous year, and 48% reported experiencing at least one outage during the preceding three. 

For a data centre operator, a full service outage (according to research done by Gertner) costs, on average, $5,600 per minute when you take into account lost sales, a damaged reputation, compensation paid to customers, lost data, and the cost of repairs. In order to avoid these dangers, it pays dividends as a data centre operator to have a rock solid risk management plan in place. The consequences could be dire.

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