Exclusive Video: Expert Insights on Multi-Cloud Potential

During Data Centre LIVE Virtual, experts from VMware, Trend Micro, and Hitachi Vantara discussed modern multi-cloud strategies' advantages and challenges.

During the discussion, Samta Bansal from Hitachi Vantara emphasised the flexibility and vendor choice that multi-cloud offers. She highlighted that with multi-cloud, organisations can select vendors based on their specific requirements and optimise workloads, considering factors such as speed, performance, reliability, geographical location, and security.

Vittorio Viarengo added that the goal should be to use the most suitable cloud for each application, referring to this approach as "cloud smart." He acknowledged that while many organisations are still in the early stages of adopting multi-cloud and might face challenges or accidental usage, the ultimate objective should be to move beyond "cloud chaos."

Addressing the security concerns associated with multi-cloud environments, Mike Milner explained that although there are differences between cloud and on-premises security, there are also commonalities. He recommended leveraging security tools that organisations are already comfortable with or opting for tools that can support both cloud and on-premises environments. Moreover, he assured that most cloud providers today support hybrid environments, facilitating effective management of security across different cloud platforms.

To delve deeper into the topics of cloud security, reliability, cost optimization, and performance, watch the Multi-Cloud Forum video above.

Gain insights on how to ensure the security of your cloud deployments, design for reliability, manage costs, and enhance performance in a multi-cloud environment.

Vittorio dived deeper into VMware’s Multi-Cloud solutions in another keynote during the event. Find out more here.


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