Exclusive Video: Tech Mahindra's Manish Mangal at MWC 2024

Manish Mangal, Tech Mahindra's Global Business Head - 5G & Network Services, on how AI can transform telco network operations and innovation

Catching up on Tech Mahindra's endeavours at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona (MWC24), we delve into the captivating world of telecom transformation. In this era of rapid technological evolution, Manish Mangal, Global Business Head of 5G & Network Services at Tech Mahindra, envisions AI as the cornerstone of innovation in the telecommunications landscape.

In an exclusive interview at MWC24, Manish elaborates on how Tech Mahindra is spearheading the integration of AI to revolutionise telco network operations, driving efficiency and facilitating innovation at every turn.

"The cloud has been a fundamental path for the last several years, but this is really giving us an opportunity to take cloud to the next level and leverage AI use," he says.

Tech Mahindra's mission aligns with the aspirations of telecom service providers and businesses worldwide, aiming to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences through cutting-edge AI solutions.

"It is very exciting to see the industry is still very vibrant, very active and the use of the new technology is absolutely amazing."

As telcos embark on the journey of network infrastructure transformation, AI emerges as a powerful ally in accelerating progress. Manish Mangal elucidates how Tech Mahindra is dedicated to empowering telcos to modernise their technology stacks, reduce costs, and optimise network operations through the strategic application of AI.

Read the interview, here.


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