Exclusive Video: The Multi-Cloud Promise at Data Centre LIVE

Vittorio Viarengo, Vice President Cross-Cloud Services at VMware speaks at Data Centre LIVE about the advantages and challenges of multi-cloud strategies

With a career spanning more than 30 years, Vittorio Viarengo has an extensive background in software, data, product management, marketing and cloud technologies. 

Speaking at Data Centre LIVE back in May, the Vice President of Cross-Cloud Services at VMware discussed how in today's challenging environment, businesses are increasingly adopting a multi-cloud strategy.

That shift offers many advantages - including increased flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. But, like all strategies, it doesn’t come without its own set of challenges, such as managing multiple environments, ensuring security and complying with regulations.

The Multi-Cloud Promise with Cross-Cloud Services with Vittorio Viarengo 

Viarengo started his career as the founder and CEO of ViVi Software, moving on to other leading organisations such as BEA Systems, Oracle, McAfee and MobileIron

He joined VMware in 2010 as Vice President of Desktop Products. Leaving after almost four years, Viarengo returned to VMware in 2020.

During his keynote speech - the last session of the event - Viarengo explored the advantages of the multi-cloud, the role that cross-cloud services play in achieving the promises multi-cloud offers and provided insights on how organisations can use cross-cloud services to achieve their business goals. 

“We find that most customers are on this cloud journey, and many of them for the last ten years or so have gone cloud first. Why? Because cloud first and the cloud is the path of least resistance for innovation,” he explained.

“The world is multi-cloud, whether you like it or not. The bad news is that in recent surveys that we've done, the cloud chaos is getting worse, meaning the number of customers that are in the middle of the chaos zone is increasing.

As well as this, the experienced executive delved into the challenges of having a multi-cloud environment, and how cross-cloud services can help to mitigate these challenges. 

“This really is an industry-wide set of problems and solutions that the industry needs to make sense of,” he added.

Fielding questions from the audience, Viarengo touched on how many people are trying to move into the multi-cloud space and the common mistakes organisations are making when they're trying to implement a multi-cloud strategy.

He continued: “The mistake is to stay in that state of denial too long, because what that means is that the next thing you're going to get is the bill shock and the next thing you're going to hear from your business is that you've got to secure all this stuff and get on it. And now you're behind the eight ball.”

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