CoreWeave Announces £1bn Data Centre Expansion Plan

New investment by CoreWeave to fuel growth in engineering and AI development amid data centre expansion in the UK

CoreWeave has announced plans for an ambitious expansion into the UK with a £1 billion (US$1.25bn) investment aimed at reinforcing its engineering, operations, finance and market strategies, along with the opening of multiple data centres in the country. 

This move underscores the company's commitment to advancing artificial intelligence (AI) technology in Europe, particularly in London, which CEO Mike Intrator highlighted as a crucial AI hub. 

“Expanding our physical footprint in the UK is an important milestone in the next phase of CoreWeave's growth,” he said. “CoreWeave's infrastructure will fill a void in the cloud market by providing AI enterprises with localised high-performance compute solutions that will help build and deploy the next generation of AI applications.”

The decision to boost its UK presence follows CoreWeave's recent securing of US$1.1bn in new funding, aimed at supporting its expansion plans and catering to the surging global demand for GPU-accelerated cloud infrastructure. This financial infusion and strategic focus on the UK signal CoreWeave's intention to be at the forefront of the next generation of AI advancements.

The necessity for cloud computing in AI

CoreWeave is set to revolutionise AI development in the UK with plans to unveil specialised cloud services. To cater to the burgeoning AI sector's need for advanced computing, and with the UK and Ireland an increasingly-prominent data centre hub, CoreWeave will launch two data centres in 2024, expanding further in 2025. 

These facilities are designed to support AI enterprises, offering the computational strength required for next-gen AI applications. CoreWeave's initiative highlights the UK as a critical hub for AI and cloud computing, positioning the region for significant AI advancements. 

The company's current data centres showcase its ability to manage complex AI workloads through automation, supporting large GPU clusters globally. This strategic move signals a bright future for AI innovation in the UK, promising to meet and fuel the sector's growing computational demands.

UK aims to lead in AI, trails in data regulation

The UK's pursuit of becoming an AI giant contrasts with its lenient data centre regulation, notably behind the EU’s stringent framework established since 2008. With the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology only starting to look at regulation in 2023, the UK's approach seems minimal compared to the EU's proactive stance. However, the UK's AI ambitions are robust, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak driving the country towards becoming an AI superpower. This includes launching the world's first AI Safety Summit in 2023 and incorporating the Office for Artificial Intelligence into a key department in 2024. The nation also celebrated a significant milestone with a UK startup achieving Europe's largest AI investment yet.

Ranking third globally in the AI market, the UK is leading in AI investment in Europe, as noted in a 2023 City of London report. UK AI scale-ups secured nearly double the funding compared to those in France, Germany, and the rest of Europe combined. This investment success suggests that while the UK is ambitious in AI, aligning its data centre regulations with its AI goals could further bolster its position on the global digital stage.


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