Automation Articles

How SD-WAN and Public Cloud have changed dynamics

Stephen Amstutz, Head of Strategy and Innovation and Joe Langan, Solutions Architect, at Xalient, discuss current SD-WAN and public cloud challenges.

Park Place Technologies and the role of automation in Europe

Ian Shearer, Managing Director, APAC & EMEA at Park Place Technologies discusses the company, data and the role of automation in Europe


Vertiv inaugurates expansion of its Ras Al Khaimah factory

Vertiv’s factory expansion represents a strategic investment, being ideally located to cater to its Middle East, Africa, Australia, and South Asia markets

Top 5 ways that data roles will change in 2023

Andy Palmer, Co-founder & CEO of data mastering platform Tamr, shares his predictions for how data roles at organisations are set to change in 2023


96% report most effective use of data in ESG initiatives

According to Lenovo’s new Data for Humanity report, data collaboration will prove fundamental to tackle humanitarian challenges and building ESG strategies

Optimised open-source software in data centre infrastructure

Philip Dawson, VP Analyst at Gartner, shares his top 3 ways how I&O leaders can optimise open-source software across data centre infrastructure

How robotics can transform data centre operations

Paul Lewis, Senior Operations Director of Telehouse, shares his insights regarding the latest advancements in robotics-led data centre automation


Backblaze’s storage cloud extended to Nautilus data centre

The Backblaze storage cloud platform has been extended to Nautilus’ iconic floating data centre, and is the first publicly announced customer of the site