Daikin Growth to Help Advance Sustainable Data Centres

Manufacturer Daikin announces new energy-efficient manufacturing facility designed to support sustainable data centre growth across North America

Daikin is developing a new facility to expand its custom HVAC manufacturing capabilities to support growing demand for more environmentally-friendly data centres.

The leading global commercial and industrial HVAC manufacturer has announced construction plans for a new energy-efficient manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico. In partnership with Alliance Air Products, Daikin seeks to expand its capabilities to support more sustainability-led data centres across North America.

The new facility, valued at US$121m, is expected to support more than 1,000 production jobs and over 1,150 total new permanent jobs in the northwest region of Mexico. Construction of the facility is expected to be completed by Spring 2025, with production to increase in June 2025. 

Advancing data centre manufacturing solutions

Daikin’s new 460,000 square-foot facility will expand on the company’s established presence in Tijuana, Mexico. It is being built to manufacture custom HVAC and computer room air handler (CRAH) equipment and solutions specifically for data centres. 

Additionally, the facility is designed for maximum efficiency to meet Daikin Applied’s sustainability goals and will support the growth of air handler unit sales in North America. Such an expansion will enable Daikin to serve its customers in the west and southwest United States and Mexico better, offering a single supplier for end-to-end HVAC solutions.  

“This is a critical moment for the HVAC industry not just to increase capacity for data centre solutions, but to help data centres increase efficiency and sustainability in their energy use and cooling situations,” says Yu Nishiwaki, Chief Operating Officer for Daikin Applied Americas. 

“This manufacturing expansion underscores our commitment to help our customers identify sustainability opportunities and achieve, or even surpass, their decarbonisation design goals.” 

Keeping data centres cool

HVAC, or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, refers to a range of technologies being used to control temperature, humidity and air purity within an enclosed space. This is essential for data centres as servers need to be kept cool to reduce downtime and increase server reliability. 

Likewise, data centre facilities require good airflow and an appropriate level of humidity so as to not overheat any essential equipment.

Given that HVAC systems consume a lot of energy, it is important that companies develop these systems to improve energy efficiency and better optimise data centre operations.

Now more than ever, data centre companies are searching for improved cooling solutions to enable their facilities to be more sustainable. As new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) continue to explode in popularity, keeping these power-hungry systems cool and energy-efficient is vital.


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