PlatformDIGITAL by Digital Realty

By Digital Realty
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PlatformDIGITAL™ is a global data center platform from Digital Realty that enables clients to host their critical infrastructure and interconnect to digital ecosystems across the world. 

Providing a trusted foundation to scale your digital business – from a few KWs of Colocation space to MWs of Scale suites, right up to whole build-to-suit facilities with single tenants. Digital Realty is providing the one-stop ‘Platform’ for all customer Data Hosting and Interconnection needs, across the globe.

 It enables clients to:  

 1. BE IN CONTROL - Customers can simplify infrastructure delivery, reduce risk, and meet global security and compliance mandates by standardizing deployment on a single global data center platform. 

2. BE CONNECTED - Customers can improve business performance by leveraging and participating in global digital ecosystems. 

3. BE OPTIMIZED – Customers can enable revenue growth by adding digital capabilities locally and accessing new markets globally. Customers can reduce costs through consolidation, minimize over-provisioning and implement optimized hybrid infrastructure. 


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