Juniper Networks Continues to Leverage AI for IT Operations

Juniper Networks Is Aiming to Deliver Power-Efficient and Scalable AI Data Centre Networking
Having Recently Been Acquired by HPE, Juniper Networks Has Introduced an AI-Native Networking Platform to Enhance Data Centre Operations for Its Customers

Juniper Networks has unveiled an industry-first AI native networking platform to deliver better user experiences and lower operational costs for data centres.

This platform is designed to better leverage AI and assure that every connection is reliable, measurable and secure for every device and user. It has been trained on seven years of insights and data science development, with digital experience twinning and end-to-end insights across data centres.

This news comes shortly after Juniper Networks was acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in January 2024. One of the largest recent acquisitions in AI, the combination of company capabilities to advance new technologies and digital transformation efforts.

Advancing data centre networking solutions with AI

Juniper Networks already offers a wide range of services, including AI-enabled enterprise networking operations (AIOps) and software-defined networking (SDN) technologies. It already provides solutions for AI data centre networking that aims to optimise data centres for AI and machine learning workloads.

In line with the rise of AI, Juniper Networks aims to tailor its customer solutions to meet increased data demands and deliver the best possible AI performance.

The company is aiming to deliver AI data centre solutions that drive more speed, scale and value. Its new platform aims to unify all data centre campus networking solutions with a common AI engine and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA). As a result, end-to-end AI for IT Operations (AIOps) can be enabled for insights, automated troubleshooting and networking assurance.

Juniper Networks is introducing several new products that provide more reliable and measurable IT operations using AI, to simpler high performance data centre networks specifically designed for AI training and inference.

AI-Native Networking Platform: Key facts
  • 85% lower operational expenditures
  • 90% elimination of network trouble tickets
  • 85% of IT onsite visits
  • 50% reduction in network incident resolution times

For example, the platform can help with issues concerning data centre cabling, configuration and connectivity from any vendor’s hardware. The conversational interface also allows IT teams to pose direct queries and get seamless insight into the data centre product documentation and knowledge base using Gen AI.

As Juniper Networks is expanding its AI data centre solution, customers are able to have end-to-end visibility and assurance across all enterprise domains. They will be able to deploy high performing AI training and inference clusters so that they can operate even if they have limited IT resources. 

The company is aiming to take the complexity out of AI data centre networking design - particularly when it comes to troubleshooting and deployment. As a result, customers can operate in a more flexible way and drive greater speed and scale.

Enhancing sustainability requirements

As the demand for AI, cloud computing and other data-intensive applications continues to surge, energy consumption of data centres is projected to grow even further. It is therefore up to data centre companies to innovate further and ensure that their customer offerings and operations do not increase their energy consumption.

Juniper Networks is aiming to deliver power-efficient and scalable AI data centre networking. Its AI-Native Networking Platform exceeds current sustainability requirements supposedly without sacrificing performance or security.

The solution also features power-efficient hardware which minimises energy consumption and is built to make repairs easier, as well as prolong product life.

“AI is the biggest technology inflection point since the internet itself, and its ongoing impact on networking cannot be understated. At Juniper, we have seen first-hand how our game changing AIOps has saved thousands of global enterprises significant time and money while delighting the end user with a superior experience,” says Rami Rahim, CEO at Juniper Networks. 

“Our AI-Native Networking Platform represents a bold new direction for Juniper, and for our industry. By extending AIOps from the end user all the way to the application, and across every network domain in between, we are taking a big step toward making network outages, trouble tickets and application downtime things of the past.”


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