TE Connectivity: Power Efficiency in an Energy Transition

TE Connectivity Aims to Address Energy Challenges With Its New Product Offering That Can Enhance Data Centre Efficiencies by Reducing Stacking Length

With the world currently experiencing an energy transition period, the power industry is facing plenty of challenges. 

Power and cooling remain crucial concerns for the data centre industry, with the International Energy Agency (IEA) recently confirming that the demand for AI will cause the need for electricity to effectively double within the next three years.

With this in mind, TE Connectivity aims to address the critical need for increased services with compact elbow connectors to reduce stacking length by 40%. Called Asymmetric Compact Elbow Connectors, the proposed solution is designed to make data centre services more compact.

Reimaging flexibility for the new era of data centres

Formerly Tyco Electronics Ltd, TE Connectivity's portfolio of products is focused on connectors and sensors and getting them to withstand harsh conditions. Concerning data centre operations, it offers multiple connectivity and sensor needs to connect power systems within a data centre facility.

Key facts
  • 236bn products manufactured annually
  • US$16.3bn sales in 2022
  • US$715m invested in engineering, research and development

The new connector aims to increase range and flexibility with its smaller size, streamlining the design and installation process as a result. It is the first compact connector that TE Connectivity has offered, with smart voltage systems that are easy to install.

The company has said that these features make it ideal to install within data centres, in addition to wind farms, solar farms, underground power networks and other facilities where space is limited. 

It is also designed to ensure that projects can be deployed quickly, which will arguably suit data centres seeking to support its customers with the fast development of AI and cloud-based technologies. 

In order to address the growing issue of the energy crisis, data centres will need to focus on optimising power usage and enhancing sustainable solutions. TE Connectivity’s solution aims to save space, which in turn could make data centre operations more efficient.

“Compatibility with our Kries CAPDIS smart grid monitoring product opens up opportunities to install smart systems in existing infrastructure,” says TE Connectivty Product Manager Wentao Yao.

“The reduced footprint means it is well suited to facilities where there is pressure on space, and it offers seamless integration with both new and existing medium voltage equipment.”

Customers can choose the configuration most suited to their specific needs, configuring the elbows as a single stack solution. It is designed to be flexible so that it can be tailored to the individual needs of the business using them. 

TE Connectivity is striving towards offering greater support for data centre and AI solutions. Given global enterprise demand for compute power, the company continues to design its offerings with interconnectivity in mind.

Yao adds: “This is a highly reliable, compact solution. It can be fitted in existing and new-build facilities, and the fact that it can be upgraded to a smart connector means that the compact elbow also offers long-term benefits for safety and grid reliability.”


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