Expanding data centre footprint with atNorth in Iceland

AtNorth has announced a strategic collaboration with Crusoe Energy Systems to host Crusoe's Cloud GPUs in its ICE02 data centre in Iceland

Crusoe Energy Systems, a leading provider of on-site data centre power solutions, recently announced a strategic partnership with atNorth, a Nordic colocation, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) service provider. This collaboration marks Crusoe's expansion into Iceland, leveraging atNorth's ICE02 data centre to host Crusoe Cloud GPUs.

Crusoe's first European project paves the way for the company to align its computing operations with sustainable energy sources. “I’m thrilled that our quest to source low-carbon power has led us to Iceland,” says Cully Cavness, Crusoe’s Co-Founder and President.

“This partnership with atNorth allows us to bring the concentrated energy demand of compute infrastructure directly to the source of clean, renewable geothermal and hydro energy.”

Harnessing Iceland's sustainable energy

Iceland's abundance of renewable energy sources, including geothermal and hydropower, makes it an ideal location for data centres. The partnership with atNorth enables Crusoe to directly source its computing power from clean, sustainable resources, reducing its environmental footprint.

As well as this, the partnership offers several benefits for both parties. For Crusoe, it means the expansion of its data centre footprint to a new region with abundant renewable energy sources. 

For atNorth, it enhances its data centre offerings by providing access to Crusoe's Cloud GPUs, catering to the growing demand for AI and high-performance computing capabilities.

“It is very important to atNorth that we are collaborating with companies that share our approach to sustainability,” explains Eyjólfur Magnús Kristinsson, CEO of atNorth. “Crusoe’s commitment to maximise their compute while minimising their environmental impact made them a perfect fit.”

Tapping into Iceland’s abundant renewable energy resources, the atNorth ICE02 data centre harnesses over 80MW of power from geothermal and hydro sources. This commitment to sustainability aligns with the country's pioneering efforts in harnessing natural energy for a greener future. 

Iceland's strategic location further enhances the data centre's capabilities, providing low-latency connectivity to North American and European markets via multiple undersea fibre optic cables. This robust network infrastructure ensures seamless data transfer and minimises latency, enabling organisations to accelerate their operations and gain a competitive edge.

Leveraging scalable and sustainable infrastructure

Crusoe's Cloud GPUs offer scalable computing infrastructure to meet the varying demands of its customers. This flexibility allows enterprises to access the computing power they need without the upfront costs and complexities of managing their own infrastructure.

By leveraging Iceland's renewable energy resources, Crusoe and atNorth are actively contributing to the development of sustainable data centres, addressing the environmental concerns associated with data centre operations.

A look to the future

This partnership marks a significant milestone for Crusoe, expanding its reach and commitment to sustainable data centre practices. As the demand for computing power continues to grow, Crusoe and atNorth are well-positioned to provide a reliable and environmentally responsible solution for businesses worldwide.

“AI and machine learning are driving the demand for data centres to grow at a record rate,” said Chris Dolan, Crusoe’s Chief Data Centre Officer. “We’re excited about our initial commitment to atNorth and look forward to potentially expanding capacity even more in the future.”

Crusoe's expansion into Iceland through its partnership with atNorth signifies a strategic move to leverage sustainable energy resources and address the growing demand for AI and high-performance computing capabilities. This collaboration highlights the potential for data centres to operate sustainably, contributing to a more environmentally conscious technology infrastructure.


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