Top 10 cloud migration providers

Top 10 cloud migration providers
Top 10 cloud migration providers
Data Centre Magazine rounds up the industry’s global leading cloud migration providers

With cloud adoption growing and the digital landscape ever-evolving, businesses are increasingly turning to cloud migration to optimise operations and enhance scalability. 

Here, Data Centre Magazine explores some of the leading cloud migration providers aiding organisations’ transition to the cloud.

10. Lemongrass

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With a clear recipe for successful cloud transformation, Lemongrass has successfully migrated 8,000 large enterprise SAP systems of all sizes, complexities, products, versions, and criticalities to the cloud since 2015. 

The brand lays out its clear aim to lay the foundation for success with an airtight plan, thanks to its outcome-focused methodology and experience which allows businesses to migrate with confidence. Its post-migration care ensures optimal performance while keeping costs low, Lemongrass says.

9. DXC Technology

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Acknowledging how technology evolves at a rapid pace, DXC Technology understands how businesses may be able to envision the target state for their IT environment, but not necessarily how to get there. 

DXC’s Global Director Cloud Managed Services Syed Shabih Abbas joined virtual audiences at Cloud & 5G LIVE last week, where he went on a whistle-stop deep dive into key trends, challenges, and success stories that shape the cloud industry. 

8. Dynatrace

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From planning and designing a cloud migration strategy, to accelerating the process and optimising for ongoing performance, Dynatrace prides itself in helping to ensure and measure the success of business’ cloud migration projects. Dynatrace says its Dynatrace platform helps engineering teams better understand existing infrastructure and application architecture to ensure an effective and cost-efficient cloud migration strategy.

7. Wipro

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Wipro says its Wipro Cloud Migration Studio is a one-stop shop for migrations leveraging AWS Cloud. The programme focuses on delivering secured, reliable and accelerated migrations across workloads and enterprise applications. Wipro’s Cloud Migration Studio leverages Wipro Cloud Migration Platform that uses AWS Service Catalog to productise the application deployment templates. This platform, Wipro attests, helps in organising and managing templates. Wipro’s solution boasts a highly automated industrialised capability that combines Wipro IP.

6. Deloitte

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Acknowledging that cloud migration is fraught with risk, Deloitte states its migrations go beyond the technical to account for business planning, team dynamics and user adoption. The multinational professional services network offers solutions including package transition and migration services, custom transition and migration services and application modernisation. Deloitte’s migration advisors pride themselves in understanding the dynamics of clients businesses and can help them capitalise on new opportunities across the entire cloud journey.

5. Infosys

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Infosys Cloud Migration Services has a team which analyses interdependence between integration points to ensure business continuity.

The Infosys Migration Planning Suite, Infosys says, maximises value and mitigates risks by determining the business strategy of transferring applications to a reliable cloud platform. As well as this, the tool transforms web applications, legacy virtual servers, databases and ERP systems for cloud native technology platforms. Infosys’ knowledge-based workload migration solution suite automates remediation and enhances the reliability of applications on the cloud and minimises the effort for provisioning and application deployment.

4. Capgemini

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As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Service Partner, Capgemini works with organisations around the globe to harness the power of the AWS cloud to transform their businesses and reinvent themselves for the digital world. Capgemini and AWS’ Migration Acceleration Program, for example, boasts the capacity to offset upfront and consumption costs and accelerate business’ journeys with AWS’ Migration Acceleration Program across all phases of migration. Capgemini designs and implements a comprehensive cloud roadmap to give an unparalleled insight into a business’ IT portfolio. 

3. Oracle

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The Oracle Cloud Migrations service automates the migration of virtual machines from on-premises environments to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The service provides an end-to-end comprehensive self-service experience for migrating existing VMware virtual machine-based workloads from on-premises to OCI.

This is carried out by using a simple managed connection with a designated data centre, where clients can discover assets capable of migrating, group source workloads into migration projects, schedule data replication and launch the migrated virtual machines to OCI.

2. AWS

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Highlighting migration also presents the opportunity to modernise and transform, AWS’ migration leverages its technology, vast experience and proven solutions to drive success at every step of a migration journey. AWS offers a wide range of migration solutions to help migrate workloads from on-premises environments, hosting facilities or other public clouds. High-profile clients include makeup brand KIKO Milano, pharmaceutical and biotechnology company Moderna Therapeutics and Sportradar, a leading global sports technology company.

1. Microsoft Azure

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Topping our list is Azure. Azure Migrate promises to simplify Azure migration and modernisation with a unified platform.

By discovering and assessing on-premises resources using the free Azure Migrate tool, businesses can start their migration journey. The platform allows clients to plan each step of the process with technical and business insights into infrastructure, databases and applications. Its phased approach allows for modernisation and faster innovation as well as higher ROI, and allows users to track and manage the cloud migration progress using its central dashboard for ease of management.


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