Top 10: Data Centre Associations

By Helen Sydney Adams & Amber Jackson
Data Centre Magazine considers some of the leading global data centre associations worldwide committed to developing the data centres of the future

A data centre association represents the interests of data centre operators, service providers, vendors and stakeholders across the global data centre industry. 

Data centre associations aim to foster collaboration, innovation and growth within the data centre industry as a whole. They also serve as a unified voice for its members in addressing industry challenges, including energy efficiency, cybersecurity and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

Organisations of this scale consist of professionals, companies and experts involved in the design, construction and operation of data centre facilities.

Data Centre Magazine considers the below ten data centre associations that promote industry standards, best practices and technology innovations.

10. Finnish Data Center Association (FDCA)

Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland

Chair: Veijo Terho

The FDCA is an independent, non-profit association which provides the ecosystem for cloud and data centre businesses in Finland. Based in Helsinki, the association was founded in 2014 and is led by data centre professionals. There are 10 key founder companies and 90 member companies. The FDCA organises casual networking events and training seminars, to help companies seize business opportunities and communicate across company borders.

The association also funds ISO standardisation work across the data centre field and supports the standardisation of environmentally and economically viable development in the data centre space.

9. Swedish Data Centre Industry Association (SDIA)

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Chair: Pär Åberg

The SDIA supports the business interests of its members by being a spokesperson for those across the Swedish data centre industry, creating national Research and Innovation agendas and amplifying the needs of members. The association also markets the Swedish data centre industry and its members internationally.

The SDIA also organises activities supporting the objectives of the association and its members, as well as workshops. Together, the team also advocates for the needs of the data centre industry across education, universities, governmental agencies and in the European Union. 

8. Norsk Datasenter Industri/Norwegian Data Center Industry

Headquarters: Oslo, Norway

Chair: Gisle Eckhoff

The Norwegian Data Center Industry (Norsk Datasenter Industri) is a neutral business association which aims to be the voice of the data centre industry towards the market and public authorities. 

Any company with an affiliation to the data centre industry can become members of the Norwegian Data Center Industry. Members are offered member meetings and keynote opportunities at organised events. There are separate working groups for priority topics, such as sustainability, the circular economy and more. There is also an opportunity to sit on the Advisory Board, which meets twice a year.

7. German Datacenter Association (GDA)

Headquarters: Frankfurt, Germany

Chair: Anna Klaft

The German Datacenter Association is an association of operators and owners of data centres, which is supported by leading research institutes.

The members of the German Datacenter Association recently elected a new board. 

“The interdisciplinary setup of the German Datacenter Association enables us to work together for the cause of promoting innovation, standards and sustainability in order to consolidate Germany as one of the leading locations for data centres,” states Peter Pohlschröder, Managing Director of NDC-GARBE Data Centers, who was made Deputy Chairman of the Board of the German Datacenter Association. 

6. Infrastructure Masons

Headquarters: Oregon, United States

Chair: Dean Nelson

Infrastructure Masons, also known as iMasons, is a non-profit professional association which brings infrastructure professionals together to connect, grow and give back. The world class leadership team has driven US$150bn of technical infrastructure projects across 130 countries.

Data Centre Magazine has previously selected Dean Nelson, Chairman and Founder of Infrastructure Masons, as one of our data centre legends. He is also a Board Member of the Edge Cloud Link and CEO of Cato.

"We are uniting the builders of the digital age, one professional at a time,” he says.

5. techUK

Headquarters: United Kingdom

CEO: Julian David

Trade association techUK brings people and organisations together and aims to provide a better future for society, the economy and the planet. The network champions innovation and collaboration across business, government and stakeholders, with a vision to empower the UK for what comes next. 

Benefits of techUK membership include marketing and communications opportunities to members develop their networks and enhance visibility across the industry. Members gain access to the latest industry insights, opinions and techUK events, as well as collaborative projects across the sector. 

Specifically within the data centre sector, techUK’s award-winning programme provides a collective voice for UK operators, working with the government to improve business environments for its members.


Headquarters: United Kingdom

The Association for Computer Operations and Management, AFCOM, is a professional association that is dedicated to advancing the careers of data centre and IT infrastructure professionals. Since its formation in 1980, the organisation has evolved to provide a forum for its members to learn and build professional relationships across the data centre industry.

AFCOM has earned recognition as a market leader in educating, connecting and guiding the wider data centre community.

3. Data Centre Alliance (DCA)

Headquarters: United Kingdom

CEO: Steve Hone 

The DCA is a not-for-profit UK trade association that comprises leaders and experts from across the data centre sector. Through this organisation, businesses can operate their own data centres and server rooms, can access trusted information on the benefits of adopting best practice and learn more about products and services available to them.

Through close collaboration with its partners, the DCA enables its members to educate the market on products and services designed to increase efficiency, drive down operating costs and future proof their businesses in accordance with sustainability and net zero targets.

2. 7x24 Exchange International

Headquarters: New York, United States

Chairman & CEO: Robert J. Cassiliano

7x24 Exchange International is a leading knowledge exchange for data centre, IT and mission critical professionals, providing an educational forum focusing on challenges faced by those within the industry. Founded in 1989, the association has grown to include over 250 member companies and 28 chapters. 

The association supports businesses within a wide range of industries, including aerospace, energy, financial services, government, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and technology. Through the expertise of its members, 7×24 Exchange International is also a leading provider of conferences enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst data centre industry professionals. 

Currently, 7×24 Exchange International is committed to addressing the challenges of energy efficiency and sustainability. It provides continued value to member companies and conference participants and gives back through its social responsibility initiative.

1. The European Data Centre Association (EUDCA)

Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium

Chair: Lex Coors

The European Data Centre Association (EUDCA) is designed to represent the interests of the European data centre operator community. Established in 2011, the association is registered under Belgian Royal Charter and is run by its members, for its members. 

Its mission is to provide a political platform for European data centre operators with the overall aim of promoting and developing growth for the industry. Membership is available to data centre operators with a presence in Europe, in addition to vendors, consultants and trade associations. 

The association’s policies and initiatives focus solely around data centre operators, both in defining future data centres and in regulated markets. Likewise, the EUDCA provides numerous opportunities for engagement in best practices and participation in political decision-making.


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