Kohler delivers power solutions to keep data centres on

Kohler delivers power solutions to keep data centres on
Kohler delivers power solutions to keep data centres on
Lenaik Andrieux, GM EMEA & India of Power Systems at Kohler, explains why its production increase is paramount for enabling reliable energy for data centre

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring uninterrupted power remains a paramount concern. Whether it's for healthcare institutions, entertainment industries, or the burgeoning data centre market, businesses are on the hunt for reliable energy solutions. 

As a multifaceted company, Kohler boasts a rich portfolio, including a kitchen and bath business, entertainment activities, and even golf. But, as Lenaik Andrieux, GM EMEA & India of Power Systems, puts it, the core offering is to the power industry, which includes engines, generators, switch gears, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) that cater to diverse needs globally. "Power systems is really almost an energy insurance business. We are here to make sure that your line never goes off," Andrieux explained.

The company’s commitment to ensuring continuity in services has been a significant driver in ramping up its production capacities. Recognising the world's shift towards electrification and digitalisation, Kohler has invested heavily in enhancing production, with a staggering 30% increase, allowing it to support more organisations in the data centre industry.

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However, while generators remain a vital part of Kohler's offerings, Andrieux points out that its switchgear business plays an equally crucial role. Describing the significance, he says: "When you think switch gears, think about distributing the energy effectively so it actually hits the right spot in your industrial process or organisation."

Underpinning all this is Kohler's delivery of total power solutions. Rather than simply providing products, Kohler offers turnkey solutions—a holistic approach that encompasses design, execution, and support throughout the product's lifecycle.

Andrieux points out, the company has reduced its carbon footprint by 60% through the adoption of renewable fuels like Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). Additionally, initiatives like Conscious Care ™ allow for No-Load exercise, where a generator’s regular monthly exercise can be run without load and still avoid any “wet stacking”. Four-month extended exercise goes even further—allowing customers to perform testing every four months, in as little as 10 minutes, with no load. These options focus on minimising the environmental impact by reducing running hours of large power plants.

But what about challenges in transitioning to sustainable fuels like HVO? Andrieux clarifies, "It's really a fuel that is easy to substitute. It's got the same parameters as GNR. We are confident that as demand grows for this type of product, the supply will follow."

Looking ahead, Andrieux anticipates significant advancements for Kohler in the data centre market. Their dedication and unique approach set them apart. "We have a great brand. We have the ability to take direct ownership of projects end-to-end with our customers," he/Andrieux shares.

A cornerstone of Kohler's success in the sustainability space is its many partnerships with companies and organizations that align with their vision. They value collaboration with other entities when it is firmly rooted in trust as well as technical expertise.

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