Matillion launches its new Data Productivity Cloud platform

Data company Matillion has launched its new Data Productivity Cloud platform, to support businesses’ shift towards cloud data and improve data productivity

Matillion’s new Data Productivity Cloud platform-come-ecosystem is designed to get data business-ready, faster. 

A new paradigm in technology and native ecosystem integration, supporting the strategies of modern data teams  

As cloud data grows, organisations must work harder than ever before to improve their data productivity. 

Alongside this, the pace of change is faster than ever before. The lesson that the pandemic and the world’s extensive supply chain disruptions have taught us is that businesses must be ready to navigate unprecedented, disruptive moments.  

As a solution to these two-fold challenges, Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud is designed to help teams accelerate time-to-value for their data deployment, and increase the impact that data can have. 

Through the platform, users can load, transform, synchronise, and orchestrate data, all on one integrated platform.

“Pacific Life uses Matillion to break down the barriers and limitations involved in getting our data business-ready at scale,” said Manzoor Mohideen, Assistant Vice President of Data Management at Pacific Life. 

"Modernising and orchestrating our data pipelines with Matillion helps our data team build data integrations more quickly and be more productive, ensuring we’re well on the way to delivering trustable data to our business and creating a world-class, data-driven culture at Pacific Life.”

Matillion is the only platform with a wizard-based approach to building custom connectors for loading data, providing universal connectivity to any source with no coding necessary. The Data Productivity Cloud enables unprecedented access to an organisation’s data, allowing users of all skill levels to glean insights from all over the business.

Another key USP of the Data Productivity Cloud is that it provides native integrations to cloud data platforms to keep environments running efficiently. Users can build their transformation and orchestration jobs via a low-code UI or their preferred coding method.

“Data productivity is an important factor for driving a modern business. Enterprises need to harness the power of their data, or they risk losing their competitive edge,” commented Ciaran Dynes, Chief Product Officer at Matillion. 

“Matillion puts data teams at the centre of driving competitive advantage by helping them to deliver business-ready data, faster. The Data Productivity Cloud is designed to meet data practitioners wherever they are – at their skill level, for their data stack, and to suit their current and future ambitions.”


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