Telehouse and EkkoSense form sustainability partnership

Telehouse and EkkoSense announce a partnership, through which Telehouse aims to achieve a 461 tonne reduction in carbon dioxide emissions at its North site

Telehouse has announced that it will be collaborating with the software provider EkkoSense

Through the partnership, Telehouse will be supporting its green agenda in a number of key areas, including a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions.

EkkoSense and the use of AI to improve data centre sustainability 

EkkoSense utilises ML and AI-powered optimisation technology to analyse temperature and cooling points in real-time. 

As you can see in this image, the technology provides 3D visualisations of the different temperatures across a data centre, updated in real-time.

The software works by analysing thousands of temperature and cooling points across the site, to identify where levels of cooling can be tweaked. It gives operations teams a much higher volume of data insight, enabling them to accurately remove risk and improve resilience.

This technology was first trialled at Telehouse North during the end of 2021, and this first trial resulted in a 10% cooling power reduction. 

“The initial results achieved with Telehouse have proved promising, but this is just the beginning,” commented Dean Boyle, CEO of EkkoSense.

“Our technology works to continuously identify optimisation opportunities and push the efficiency of Telehouse’s operations that little bit further. We’re looking forward to rolling out our unique visualisation and monitoring software at the organisation’s other sites to help progress its sustainability stature.”

So, through this partnership, Telehouse anticipates that it will achieve a 461 tonne reduction in carbon dioxide emissions for this site, by the end of the 2022 financial year. 

What’s more, the success of the technology’s first trial means that it is now being rolled out to other data centres at the Telehouse London Docklands campus.

“We’ve already made significant carbon emission reductions from an initial rollout of EkkoSense, and we’re eager to implement the software around our wider campus to extend these capabilities,” commented Paul Lewis, Senior Operations Director, Telehouse. 

“It’s very difficult to manually inspect every element of a data centre to identify inefficiencies and make improvements. EkkoSense provides a highly granular level of data and visualisation to help support our green agenda and ensure our customers meet their sustainability targets.”


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