Critical Environments Articles

Chile’s digital transformation driven by Huawei Cloud

The Huawei Cloud Summit Chile highlights the Latin American country’s digital transformation and growing economy, built on Huawei Cloud capabilities

Gartner: Cloud computing is becoming 'a business necessity'

According to Gartner, the cloud will become a vital component of business development by 2028, with cloud computing necessary to maintain competitiveness

Why security needs to be a greater concern for data centres

NetApp’s Grant Caley shares why data centre security must be elevated as a strategic priority as enterprises wrestle growing list of high-profile concerns

Leading Edge: At the edge of digital evolution

Leading Edge’s CEO Chris Thorpe sits down with Data Centre Magazine to talk about sustainability, AI and their core mission to facilitate digital equity

A commitment to ESG: CyrusOne & the sustainable data centre

We explore the importance of ESG and sustainable practices within the data centre industry with CyrusOne’s Director of Sustainability Mark Moloney


Microsoft plans to invest billions into AI data centres

The tech giant has announced a £2.5bn investment into the UK to build AI infrastructure, with the hope of building more data centres and GPUs


How AI and secure data is increasing cloud storage demand

Jon Howes, VP and GM of EMEA at Wasabi, discusses how AI is both a double–edged sword and opportunity for data centres

Huawei Cloud: Digital transformation ‘In Brazil, For Brazil’

The Huawei Cloud Summit Brazil showcased digital transformation, tech innovation, strong partnerships, and a country on the verge of a digital golden age